Tipping is Inherently Evil and Promotes the Very Worst Elements of Human Nature.


Tipping promotes the insidious slavery of minimum wage, and the worst elements of human nature.

Though I say it myself, I’m “something” of a worldly individual. I speak 4 languages – at varying levels. I have travelled to 5 different countries – in the Asia/pacific region – and have lived in three of them for long periods. Indeed, I lived and worked in Japan for a ten year period. One does not do this without acquiring all sorts of knowledge and insights into other cultures; it is, indeed, the reason one does it.

In the poorer regions of the world – not to mention in the U.S.A, where it all started – “tipping” is still a standard practice that employees in certain areas rely upon to earn anything resembling a liveable, take home wage. This very fact alone should sound some alarm bells.

Here is why the concept of “tipping” is extremely detrimental to equality and only promotes yet more slavery, and the worst elements of human nature:

The very first thing that happens is a franchise, company, or employer goes to their state or national government employment regulatory body and states, “minimum wage should be lowered. They’re getting tips. Why should I pay them a decent wage when they are getting tax-free money directly from the customers? I’m trying to make money as a business, here.” So, tipping destroys the right to free enterprise in addition to creating/promoting the perfidious slavery known in Australia as “award wage” and in America as “minimum wage”.

And after the basic human right to “a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work” has been decimated – with, no doubt, some grubby money changing hands “under boardroom tables” – it breeds an attitude – from the employee – that anyone who walks in and sits down in their place of employ, immediately “owes them” something.

Well, what happens with customers who come from a country where the parasitic concept of tipping has never been allowed to take root, like Australia or Japan? When the customer is finished, they pay the bill; thank the staff and leave not knowing that they are expected to contribute to the staff salary that the owner/employer doesn’t want to pay. This leads to resentment – at best – from the staff: “he’s an arsehole”. “She’s a tight-arsed, bitch”. Consider how dangerous the very worst case scenario of this could become: “I know which hotel he’s staying in, we’ll look out for him, later tonight. Oh, don’t worry, he’ll pay. We’ll take him for everything he’s got”! All the while, the customer is an innocent victim in this, based purely on cultural practices.

The requirement to tip is a confusing annoyance. “Okay, the prices are on the menu, but how much does the meal, or service really cost, and why isn’t the real, full cost clearly stated so I can decide whether or not I want to pay it, before entering the venue”? All of this can, additionally, be very embarrassing for the customer: “how much should I give? Am I giving too much? Am I not giving enough? And why is everyone looking at me? Ohh, I get it. They’re judging me based on all of this ambiguity and pother. Mainly, they’re trying to decide how rich I am”.

By way of supporting evidence, when I was searching for an image to go with this little article, search results when using the keywords, “tipping, tipping the waitress, tipping in a cafe”, etc returned almost zero results. What results were available were of the waiter/waitress only really standing near the table. So, does this support my previous paragraph in any way? Can we conclude that no one wants to have their photo taken when performing the embarrassing annoyance of tipping?

Last, but by no means least, let’s take an example of 4 employees waiting tables in a restaurant: 2 females, and 2 males. One of the female employees happens to be every employer’s dream: competent and reliable enough, but she also happens to be an extremely cute 19 year old girl. Everybody working in that restaurant – generally speaking – won’t be there long, if they don’t work as hard as everyone else, but which of the 4 employees above, is going to be getting the most tips, and the biggest tips?

Sure, tips get collected and shared at the end of the night, or week, because the chef, for example, is not getting any tips, per se. But, the way it works – in the poorer regions of Asia that I’ve seen – is, when change from the final bill is returned to the customer – on a little tray – the customer removes the change to check it, then either places the tip – on the little tray – or hands it “directly to the staff member”, or does both. The tip on the tray is for all the employees. The tip in hand is for the individual. So, I direct the reader to my former rhetoric – in my latter point – above.

The concept behind tipping is inherently evil, and it only promotes the very worst elements of human nature.

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Spouting “Right to Life” from a Position of Debt-Slavery. Irony, anyone?


I saw something, last night, that was centered around the “Abortion Debate”, which has forced me to want to point to what would be the elephant in the room, if schools and universities (the “Education System”) taught knowledge, information and critical thinking; if societies were not socially engineered to the point of almost complete divide; if we were not born into a debt-based society; if the “healthcare” industry concerned itself with healing and wellbeing rather than profit; if a cabal of criminals were not dictating all of the above via controlling us with Fiat Currency steeped in usury and psychological fraud; if a greater majority of people were awake.

If all of the above were to change, It would, actually, be really simple: there’d be no need for abortion, except for in the most extreme circumstances.
If people had access to information – rather than disinformation and a limited skill-set designed to provide worker-drones for the military-industrial complex and Big Pharma, an entire milieu of knowledge that benefits human existence – rather than enslaves it – could come into existence. If a government could ever successfully get itself into a position of acting on behalf of the people – rather than the corporations – it could develop an economy based on the natural, intellectual, and physical resources of a country; without the “usury” of repaying interest on Fiat Currency to the cabal of banking criminals and to paying for the lifestyles that politicians have want to enjoy. Taxes would be as low as 3% and actually used for health and wellbeing, public access to knowledge, and infrastructure that benefits the majority rather than the self-appointed elite.
If men, women, racial groups, religious groups all, suddenly, woke up to realise that we are “all” one race; one people, and that “the divide” has been totally manipulated; that we have been hoodwinked, we could begin the task of getting on with “living”.  Imagine if we only had to work 17.5 hours – or less – per week. We could spend much more time with, and raising, our families. Men and women could spend much more time communicating and understanding each other, not to mention loving each other. We would have the time – and the all-important energy to grow organic food right in our own backyards.  There could be abundance for all, as Australia’s (to name one example) natural resources are second only to South Africa; people could “choose” what work – and what hours – they wanted to do. Our greatest minds would willingly want to work on installing the free energy systems of Tesla, Mallove, and others, in every household. And the positive benefits go on and on …
There are – without doubt – several reasons why a woman (or a girl for that matter) chooses, or even considers abortion. I would argue that most of those reasons however are related to that which we’ve discussed above, with particular regards to, “I can’t afford another child! I don’t have the energy, the support, nor the realistic finances to adequately care for a child”. But, this brings us into a realm that is a consideration for another day: in the Western World, if a father of a child is not “willingly” supporting the child financially, Big Daddy Government will force him to pay. This creates an entire plethora of the very type of issues discussed above – and previously.
The main point, however – and indeed related to the paragraph above: can anyone see how the “Right to Life” issue has been very deliberately fouled and distorted as yet another side-bet in the greater game of Divide and Rule?
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Tax is Theft! Ya Figured it Out Yet?

TaxesSome pituitary baboon, recently said to me, “I suppose you don’t believe in roads or Medicare”, after I’d made a simple statement, “tax is theft”. So, let’s get one thing straight, right now: the vast majority of your taxes are NOT going towards libraries, healthcare, welfare, pension funds, roads and parks.

At 11:00 pm on the 23rd of December, 1911 the Rockefellers, Rothschilds and associated criminals, “pushed” the Federal Reserve Bill through Congress in Washington. Yes, note the timing of it: most senators and congressmen had already left for the holidays, and the bill was so convoluted and volumous that those who were in attendance, likely, only read a few pages of it; late at night, and after a long day, just wanting to head home to spend the holidays with their families. Bear with me, because this is where the “modern day” taxation system comes from.
“But, the Federal Reserve is Government run, that’s why it’s called “Federal”! “Go to the back of the class, Johnny. Yes! That was the intention of including the word Federal in the title: that people would think it’s Government owned and controlled, but no! It is a privately owned … multi-national corporation essentially. And this is where we come to tax”.
The Federal (feral) Reserve bank loans money to governments that is to be repaid “with interest”. This is called “usury” and it was once against the law the United Kingdom due to the fact that the very same Jewish Money Criminals were “using” loan-sharkery to cripple people, just like they are – once again – doing today. The interest to be repaid on these loans is to be repaid by taxing/stealing money from the meagre, pitiful, pay-packets of the masses, whose energy and labour was abused to create this FAKE pay-packet.
“What do you mean by FAKE”?
“Well, it’s money (wealth) created out of thin air, it is backed BY NOTHING. It gets better, though, because actually it is “YOU” who CREATES the money, Johnny. When you walk into a bank and they GIVE you a loan, they are simply entering numbers into a computer system. YOUR ENERGY, your LABOUR, your LIFE is what created that money”.
“But, we live in Australia. It’s a different banking system”. “Incorrect. Going by the same name – or any other – the “Feral” (totally-out-of-control) Reserve banking cartel, is just that: A MAFIA, and it has hold of almost every country in the world. In fact it’s easy to see which countries it doesn’t have a strangle-hold on, as yet … they’ll be the countries with whom we are in a Forever-War”.
“Surely, with the AMOUNT of tax we pay, they MUST use it for something else”? “Good question, Johnny. Glad you brought that up. Governments are selected, created-by, totally controlled by, and answerable to a multi-national CORPORATION. As such, they are basically run as a corporation. Let me ask you a question, Johnny. Have you ever seen a corporation that DOESN’T make – and pay its CEO’s and selected shareholders – shitloads of money? Well, that’s the other ‘main’ thing your taxes are paying for”.
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You DO have Options. The Current “Controllers of Human Existence” Will Not Be in Control Forever.

Young ManThis young man (Johnny) recently “dropped out” of school. “He failed school”? “No! School failed him”! Though he’s not quite old enough yet to be able to articulate it, in his gut (actually, his subconscious mind) he knows that almost everything he’s ever been told is a lie. It’s the very reason he’s so miserable:

He knows that if he continues to play this game, he’ll be giving away his energy and labour to a system that places ever-increasing demands on him in return for ever-decreasing wages combined with a crippling student loan debt, likely for life.
In his subconscious he knows that the “education” system, is one of indoctrination into programmed misinformation resulting in a lifetime of servitude for material shit (not to mention tax-theft) that he – the actual “MAN” – can/will never own; he knows that, if he stays in the system much longer, the “health care” industry will employ over-educated-under-intelligent “products” of the system who’s very function it is to poison him and destroy his mind for no other reason than so that Big Pharma can continue to make profits to the tune of billions; he knows that the “legal” system has nothing to do with justice, but everything to do with commerce – dealing exclusively with corporate “straw men” that is NOT in fact his real living self, but a fictitious corporate creation.
Though he’s not yet had enough access to resources to discover who was responsible, how they did it, nor the reasons why – www.transformtofreedom.com – deep in his subconscious he knows that the Lamestream Media are complicit in the lies and the indoctrination program even though many who work within this medium are utterly unaware of exactly how sinister are the machinations and that those, at the highest levels of it, are wading in a sewage of social engineering, “way out of their depth”.
He witnessed his parents “marriage” and consequent divorce and realises “there’s a fair chance that there’s no joy to be had there, either: I can find a woman who treats me like garbage until she has conditioned me into being her ATM. That will be followed by debt, debt and more debt, as she’ll likely demand the new car, the McMansion, and all the other material crap she’ll require to keep up with best-friend Debbie, and of course, the Jones’. For his efforts of sustaining this lifestyle for her, statistically, there’s a fair chance she’ll be awarded it all, in court – including the kids, off course – after she’s dumped him for the higher-financed ATM once the hardest years of child-raising have been accomplished.
I want to pull Johnny aside and say, “hey, Johnny. You have options: IF you are going to play the system’s game, USE IT, instead of allowing it to USE YOU! Or, walk out of the “Straw-Man system; walk-off their Monopoly board. You DO have options and there are some very smart people – smarter than I – who can help you learn about them. Either way, be super-positive in your thoughts. Create your own reality; know that you WILL be successful, and that the sadistic, narcissistic controllers of this planet – manipulators of human existence – will not be in control forever. In so doing, you will assist in effecting change”.
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Anglo-Men are Walking Off the Taxation Plantation; Does Anyone Give a Shit as to Why?

PlantationAn elderly woman asked me yesterday – in a very supercilious and deliberately rude manner – “with all these skills and talents, what are you doing on benefits?” I had already explained to this chair-moistening imbecile, that I was only back in the country two weeks and that the office at which I’m grooming employment is in a massive reshuffle, well beyond my control. No hiring is going on there, right now. But I answered her sarcastic and rude question anyway with, “because I’m male”! I’m certain she wanted to reach across the table and slap me for, ‘none are more hated than those who speak the truth’.
She then asked me, “why do you hate Australia”? I replied, “I don’t hate Australia, Per se, it COULD be the best country in the world, but why would I want to donate the best years of my life to pay 30 cents in the dollar – in tax – to a corporate-criminal-government who’ll then hand my money to women and an indigenous population who actively and demonstrably HATE me because of the colour of my skin and the appendage I was born with”?
J.D. Unwin – based on long historical evidence – observed that the Feminist Movement would destroy Western Civilization – thirty years before its advent. Anyone thinking I’m a misogynist for writing this article, allow me to clarify; I’m all about “equal” rights … for everyone, not just men or women. I don’t blame Anglo-Western women for the way they behave these days, for as any half-awake individual knows, the Feminist Movement was a very deliberately created entity of social engineering: Divide and Conquer. If you don’t yet know the “true” story, it’s here: https://tinyurl.com/pm2s7km but, I do blame them – up to a point – for the percentage whom are apparently not smart enough to have figured it out, after fifty years. You now “have to work”, my darling. No choice, now! And, yes! I do take note of how you “hate” your job as much as you hate your men. And the kids are being raised by the State, for the sole purpose of becoming “slaves of the State”.
Do I hate women? Absolutely not, I have several girlfriends – not in Australia, obviously – who are gorgeous, loving, caring people who are intelligent enough to still recognise that men have a very important role in “the Family Unit”, and who still “respect” the man’s all-important contribution to the community and, indeed to civilisation.
I’m not “completely” naive, however. While I LOVE some non-Western women, I’m completely familiar with Briffault’s Law:
‘The female, not the male, determines all the conditions of the animal family. Where the female can derive no benefit from association with the male, no such association takes place’.
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Equal Rights, Australian Style

Equal Rights

So here I am back in Australia, busting my arse trying to survive; looking for anything that may represent a half decent fucking job, and I see a job: University Library, Part-Time Administrator. I’m reading through everything, getting super excited and already planning how I’ll begin my application and then, of course, I come across ‘ … it is … a genuine requirement that this job be filled by a person of Aboriginal and/or Torres Straight Islander decent’.

Education, provable skills, talent, life experience, ability to converse with international students (in more than 1 foreign language) or even relevant job experience, matter not, apparently. All that matters is the color of your skin. It is the ONLY prerequisite for this position. And if you were unlucky enough to have been born “white” in Australia, don’t even fucking bother applying. 

Incidentally, I have “never” before seen an Admin’ Job of any description advertised that did not require – at bare minimum – a tertiary qualification; and usually an MBA of some specific discipline. This job only requires that you graduated high school.

At what point does racial discrimination become racial discrimination when it’s the “white person” being discriminated against? What does it take, I wonder? Murder? MMm, I doubt even then.

By the way, I’m a three-time graduate of this university. I just spent 10 years being racially discriminated against, in Asia, just to earn fake, FIAT, paper-illusion currency, and I have to come back to Australia for this, FOR THIS? Get FUCKED U.N.E, and GET FUCKED Australia, you puppet-nation run by corporate criminals, corrupt politicians and spineless, mindless, talentless, obese, men-hating fucking bureaucrats. I’m glad I know where I can get the value price for my guitar within 24 hours, cause if this is how Australia treats its “white men” …. well, now I remember why I left with the firm intention of never returning. The problem is … where? WHERE does one NOT encounter this type of – related – SHIT?


Oh, here’s the link to the advertised job: https://au.jora.com/…/Administration-Assistant-3755f8e3e0ac…

How the #New #World #Order Was Designed with You & Your Family in Mind.

Future Wealth

We may do well to remember the words of president Franklin D. Roosevelt, [even if he was a Shriner] who had to deal with a previous “New Wold Order.” In a 1940 address, he stated, … it is not a government based upon the consent of the governed. It is not a union of ordinary, self- respecting men and women to protect themselves, and their freedom and their dignity from oppression. It is an unholy alliance of power and self to dominate and enslave the human race (Marrs 2008: 375).

`The Vision for 2020 document … [states that] … The globalization of the world economy … will continue with a widening between `haves` and `have-nots”` (Griffin 2004: 97). `The only book you`ve got to read is the Godfather. That`s the only one that tells how the world is really run` -Robert Calvi, President, Banco Ambrosiano; stretched, London, 18/6/1982; quoted by Gurwin & (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 54). Is it really the case that, ` … most people simply lack the ability to grasp who they`re dealing with (Bain 2012: 214)?

Where did this all begin, and for what purpose, and to serve whom? To provide you with some understanding of, and possibly an answer to, what has been the deepest philosophical question for millennia we must, the author feels, consult the work of one of the greatest scholars this planet has thus far known, who sadly, “went home” – you`ve been told it`s death – on the 9th of October 2010.

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Vaccines Result in Autism & Huge Profits for Big Pharma & Their Bought-&-Paid-For Politicians.

Vaccine Injury

How could any thinking person not be concerned with the practice of compulsory vaccination of human beings when such evidence has come to light in the past three decades that there seems to be an agenda behind them that has little, to nothing, to do with “good” health? In this article we examine the story of Polly Tommey, Merck whistle blower, Brandy Vaughan, the blackmailing of members of congress – resulting in Reagan’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act – and the types of money behind three key pharmaceutical companies. Additionally, we expose Australian Prime Minister, Malcolm Turnbull introducing compulsory vaccination legislation into Federal Law, while having financial ties to pharmaceutical companies, in a gross conflict of interest.

At Least 45,001 People Report Autism is Directly Linked to Vaccinations 

If it isn’t now common knowledge, Polly Tommey – arduously, on schedule, took her son Billy to be injected with the 3-in-one-shot MMR vaccine. What resulted from this was Ms. Tommy and her family caring for a severely autistic son, for life. Ten years on Polly and her husband Jon decided to begin treating Billy’s constipation – and gut related problems – with the hormone secretin. The improvements seen from this treatment led to a series of events which resulted in 45,000 people subscribing to the magazine Autism File – in one week – when her story was given national coverage on the U.K. London Weekend Television program Trevor McDonald Tonight Show.

‘We set up a website for anyone who wanted to know more about secretin. It got 150,000 hits, the computer crashed and LWT couldn’t cope with all the inquiries’. Forty-five thousand people stated that after bringing their child home from receiving the MMR vaccine, their child has never been the same since; describing exactly the same symptoms as Ms. Tommy does.

Testimony from just 1 Doctor

Dr. Andrew Wakefield stated, ‘medicine is about pattern recognition, and there was a clear pattern emerging’ in the documentary Vaxxed, from Cover-up to Catastrophe. Supporting, and other, information can be found here, which is the question and answer session that occurred in Boise Idaho, after the sell-out screening of the documentary on August 2, 2016. In, yet another, short expose’ we have cited information from sources, who implicate members of the United States Congress as succumbing to the pressure of blackmail from Big Pharma in 1982.

Big Pharma Are Immune from Prosecution

Merck, Wyeth Lederle, and Connaught told Congress they would no longer sell vaccines

… unless a law was passed giving them total immunity from prosecution. Big Pharma knew they were in serious trouble when … the DPT shot was causing brain inflammation and death in many children. The live oral polio vaccine was crippling children and adults…and Americans were filing law suits to hold drug companies responsible for the safety of their products.

The result of this was ‘…Reagan’s National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986 [under which] … vaccine makers can’t be sued for vaccine deaths or injuries”’.

It seems rather obvious that some congresspersons don’t give a hoot about the health or welfare of U.S. children, but why, should congress care if the vaccine manufacturers were being sued? What’s in it for them? Well, who do you think funds their political campaigns? Who is it that contributes multimillions to those nationwide puppet shows and other ridiculous spectacles that ultimately get them elected?

Big profits can be assured if….

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To Party in Japan; Know Something About the Culture, First.

Partying in Japan? Know something of the Culture, First.

One time I went to an Izakaiya with my, now, ex-wife and ran into a girl whom I’d socialized with – in that very limited Japanese manner – at a bar I frequented when first in Japan. When I unexpectedly see someone I know, I’m very pleasantly surprised and excited, and I exhibit this. I couldn’t understand why the girl basically pretended to hardly know me. None the less – me being an Australian – I invited her to join us for some food and drinks. These days I understand the reasons why I received the reaction I did from her. There are several of them, and without doubt there is more to the cultural customs and practices than I know.
It goes something this: 1) To join, eat, drink and socialize with someone, the most formal invitation has to be given – and agreed to – with no detail left neglected, and all intentions stated – at a prior point in time – and preferably in writing. 2) When a man and woman are together, the most delicate considerations are afforded them regards their privacy; this is an aspect of the Japanese culture that I truly appreciate. The Japanese work punishingly long hours – at the demand of their companies, and their culture – and this outing may well be the first and only opportunity in months for the two to enjoy an evening out, together. If they have kids, they, likely, have not had an evening such as this, in years, as the inlaws seem not to mind coming over to the the couples’ house, to help out, but expecting them to babysit the kids for an evening – at their house – is, apparently, out of the question; this is an aspect of the Japanese culture that I truly don’t appreciate. 3) There is, additionally, a custom in Japanese culture, which dictates that three polite refusals of an invitation is standard before acceptance will be forthcoming – whether, or not, the receiver of the invitation actually “wants to accept”… Read more… https://sellfy.com/p/b9RI/

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