The 2019 Illuminati, Ritual Australian Federal Election

Fed Election 2019

On the night of May 18th – just this Saturday past – I was at home, having a few quiet ones, avoiding the minions of sheeple awaiting the results of this 2019 Federal (S)election. I went outside for some air (a closet cigarette, to be more honest) and happened to notice something that I feel to be extremely relevant. What I stated aloud – to no one present – was, “of COURSE! Of course it’s a on a full moon!

Upon closer inspection I realised, “no. Not quite. Tomorrow night, by the looks of it”. Thinking about it, they would not have planned the blood-letting, ritual sacrifice until AFTER the (s)election had become official; written into the books.

Hence, the 2019 Illuminati, Ritual Australian Federal Election was held on Saturday May 18th, not Sunday May 19th.

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The Gender Confusion Agenda

Gender Confusion Agenda
Can anyone see an agenda behind the Manipulated Gender Confusion Scheme – from the way they are forcing it down childrens’ throats in the indoctrination camps (schools) – that seems to be about creating cognitive dissonance?
Has it been implemented to screw children up even more so than is currently practiced, so as they can be labeled psychotic (in any of its current politically correct – and academically fashionable – forms)  by the school “professional”
and consequently be prescribed psychoactive drugs as the “treatment” (with no cure of course) for life, in order that big pharma’s sales continue to increase exponentially, especially when combined with the “need for treatment” resultant from destroying the immune system and planting toxic time-bombs in the body with vaccines?
In a manner very similar to the feminist movement social engineering program, I think the Manipulated Gender Confusion Scheme is about massive divide and conquer, in addition to several other objectives. The transgender woman is seen (accepted) as the physically strong, archetype: the New Age saviour of the radical feminist ideology for all women to aspire to. It seems that feminine qualities are seen as weak, old-fashioned and irrelevant in today’s ‘Brave New World’; as such they are jettisoned by Prime Minister Shemale as the role model for all gender-confused, psychoactive drug addicted, products of the indoctrination camp and the greater social engineering scheme.
In an article from the Daily Caller dot com, ‘The state’s [Washington’s] health education glossary defines gender as “A social construct based on emotional, behavioral, and cultural characteristics attached to a person’s assigned biological sex”’ (2016). Does the noun phrase social “construct” not tell us most of what we need to know? Can a “social construct” be created to serve an agenda? Can it be manipulated to achieve an objective? Is the mass media utilised, manipulated and paid mega-bucks to do this, every day of the week?
Michelle Llamas answers at least one of these questions in an article from Drug Watch dot com.
‘Convincing people they are sick and need a drug is a multi-billion dollar industry. In 2015, Big Pharma dropped a record-breaking $5.4 billion on direct-to-consumer (DTC) ads, according to Kantar Media. And it paid off for Big Pharma. The same year, Americans spent a record $457 billion on prescription drugs’ (January, 2019).
If one wishes to look even deeper down the rabbit hole, and combine this issue with the Agenda that’s “written in stone” (literally) in Georgia – and being played out, globally for any half-intelligent individual to record and document – one would surely realise the Manipulated Gender Confusion Scheme is another facet of the depopulation agenda as espoused by Paul Ehrlich, Bill Gates and others of their self-important ilk.
There is nothing queer, sick, evil, nor mentally ill about a transgender person. They are simply one gender energy in the physical body of another gender. One might even argue that trans women (for example) are simply evolution in process; offering an alternative in a world where the two main genders have been so successfully pitted against each other (one main element of the Feminist Movement, as admitted by N. Rockefeller) and the consequent nightmares associated with it: ask the guy whose wife repeatedly cheated on him, but was awarded the house – for which he still pays the mortgage – and the kids, of course.
Observe, however, how easy it would be to attack me for examining this possible/probable agenda: in exactly the same way as David Icke is being accused of anti-semitism – and prevented from speaking in Australia – for teaching of the insidious, parasitic system of control that is the Federal Reserve Banking Cartel, I (or you, for that matter) could so easily be dismissed, discredited and banned from entering – or, indeed, leaving a country – by any member of the press, or Homeland “Services” – deliberately blurring the lines between the scheme I’ve illustrated, above, and homophobia.
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Tokyo 2020 Olympics: The Venues

Laundry Day

The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games will be held in over 35 different venues in and around the greater Tokyo area and others – baseball & softball – will be held in Fukuoka. The average cost of tickets will be around U.S$70.00, while tickets to attend the Opening Ceremony will range from U.S$250.00 to $1,500. Five new sports have been added to the 2020 Summer Olympics: ‘Baseball, climbing, karate, skateboarding and surfing’, information cited from here. The Guardian provides us with information – found here – regards the cost to the country to host this Olympics. The Tokyo Olympics will use refurbished venues and several new sports arenas. Along with infrastructure projects, the bill has been estimated at just under $8bn (£5.1bn). The city already has $4.5bn in an Olympic reserve fund’. Will this, however, seriously be an adequate boost to Japan’s economy, particularly in the long run when, ‘…Japan’s public debt – [is] now more than twice the size of its $6tn economy’?

‘Hosting the 2020 Games could produce positive economic effects of more than $40bn and create more than 150,000 jobs, according to SMBC Nikko Securities’ (ibid). But will these jobs remain after the Olympics concludes? Or, are they just jobs that will be created leading up to and during the 16 days of the 2020 Olympics? We only mention this, as many are discussing this issue, in the particular light of how other countries have been left with a massive debt. It took Montreal, for example, 10 years to repay the debt their Olympics cost the city. And there are venues that cost millions to construct now, either sitting idle, or seeing such little use as they’d be better off…

From the Book:

Tokyo 2020 Olympics Know What to Say, How to Behave & Where to Stay

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Groping, Pervert Guys and their Cameras.

Pervie Jappa Upskirt

The Whole Touching, Groping Thing

Have you ever seen the movie, Kinjite, staring Charles Bronson? Kinjite (pronounced kin-ji-tay) basically translates as “forbidden”. The movie is the story of how Charles Bronson, as a policeman, tries to track down the Japanese business man, who “groped” a girl on a crowded bus, in America, one night. A funny line in the movie, actually, was the girl first complaining, “he touched my holiest of holies”. Anyway, the girl turned out to be Charles Bronson’s daughter. The character, that is. The point here is, the opening scene of the movie, is of a Western (American) guy, in a business meeting, in Japan, explaining to the Japanese – in their own language – that, “in Japan, touching, looking at, talking about, the genitals, is okay, but in the West, it’s Kinjite”.

Once, when working in a senior high school, it was morning break time. Standing in the smoking area, having a coffee, with several other teachers around, a Japanese teacher (a man) was bending right over to get something from a bottom cupboard. A female Japanese teacher, said something to him that I did not understand and proceeded to stick the middle finger of her right hand up the guy’s back passage. To this, the guy really didn’t do, or say, anything and everyone in the room went about enjoying their coffee, and I noted – with some disgust – how the woman next took a draw on her cigarette and removed it from her mouth with the very same fingers. I tell you this only as it relates to the previous paragraph, but also as this practice is called “the kuncho”, and it was, and perhaps still is, very popular among Japan’s children. I’ve known many foreigners who have complained of students (and I mean pre- adolescents) doing this to them, in the classroom.

On the Trains

So, this brings us to, yet another, unsavoury topic: groping. Yes, it does still happen even though there are laws protecting women from this serious invasion of privacy/intimidation. When trains are very crowded, it’s impossible to get away from the close proximity of others, and I do mean “close”. As such it may not even be possible for a woman to identify the perpetrator, and even if she can, she needs to prove it. In such close proximity the security cameras may be of no use, and getting a witness could be impossible. 1) The witness needs to have seen it happen, 2) the witness needs to “agree” that they saw it happen, 3) the witness would need to be prepared to accompany the victim and the perpetrator to the police box (koban) at the next train station, and here is the huge ask: 4) the witness would need to be prepared to show up at court, and give testimony!

If numbers 1 – 3 are simply “not Japanese culture to get involved”, (especially if the victim is a foreigner: sorry, but there it is) number 4 is the one that will almost “certainly” be … from the book: Tokyo 2020 Olympics Know What to Say, How to Behave & Where to Stay

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Tokyo 2020 Olympics, Places to Party

Selling your undies

Places to Party

There are many different areas of Tokyo, and the most popular tourist areas would surely be, Shinjuku, Roppongi, Asakusa, Shibuya, and perhaps Ikebukuro, among others. There are small bars, small restaurants, Izakaiyas, nightclubs, bars naming themselves representative of other nations: Philippines Bar, (to name an example), and – be warned – Snack Bars. Perhaps, the most popular venue for foreigners are a franchise type of bar called “The Hub”. Otherwise known as Irish Pub, or English Pub, Hubs are all over the above mentioned areas of Tokyo. Here’s a link to the top 5 Irish Pubs in Tokyo – complete with addresses – all in English. And here’s a link to information about the five best nightclubs in Tokyo.

The Izakaiya is typically a large room, cordoned of into individual, yet semi-open booths, some in Western style, some in Japanese style: tatami mats, and the table with the sunken area under which your feet are placed. Izakaiyas serve food and drinks at relatively cheap prices. As such, they are popular among all Japanese

and are affordable to university students. Typically loud, raucous, very busy places, the Izakaya perhaps typifies what is, in my opinion, a social contradiction within Japanese culture: everyone is occupying the same space, socialising, eating, drinking, yet the room is designed in order that no one be socialising with anyone outside of their own group. Everyone can hear and see what everyone else is saying and doing, yet cross-group interactions are, seemingly, rare and brief.

One time I went to an Izakaiya with my, now, ex-wife and ran into a girl whom I’d socialised with – in that very limited Japanese manner – at a bar I frequented when first in Japan. When I unexpectedly see someone I know, I’m very pleasantly surprised and excited, and I exhibit this. I couldn’t understand why the girl basically pretended to hardly know me. None the less – me being an Australian – I invited her to join us for some food and drinks. These days I understand the reasons why I received the reaction I did from her. There are several of them, and without doubt there is more to the cultural customs and practices than I know.

It goes something this: 1) To join, eat, drink and socialise with someone, the most formal invitation has to be given – and agreed to – with no detail … from the book Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Know What Say, How to Behave and Where to Stay.


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Sydney, Australia: Pedophilia and Ritual Human Sacrifice.

FD4C478F-5226-41FC-9C9A-858ACDA8DF49As a result of a post on FaceBook – that I’ve been unable as yet, to relocate – I was introduced to the story of Fiona Barnett, last night. I had not heard of this survivor, previously though I have known for many years now that ‘Sydney is one of the global centers for satanism’ (Narsaganon cited in Icke 1999). For whatever reason, I’ve been chosen to participate in the work of exposing these crimes against humanity – that apparently SO FEW even know exist, and it is very sad to say that the “atrocities” of child abuse, sexual abuse, ritual sexual abuse, trauma-based mind control, satanic ritual abuse and human sacrifice no longer “shock” me in exactly the same manner as they once did.

This is not to say that I’m not still “disgusted” by these tortures, for I most certainly am. And the fact that I want to do something about it is the reason I included these abominations in my books in such detail and named as many as I could with the help of witnesses, witness testimony, child protective services and researchers, from authors such as Andrew Boyd, David Icke, Margaret Humphreys, John DeCamp, Maury Terry, Douglas Valentine and of course, MK-Ultra survivor Cathy O’Brien together with Mark Phillips.
The sources and witnesses whom I’ve cited all concur on certain crucial aspects. One of them being that the same names do tend to keep coming up, but with Fiona Barnett’s story, I received a few new ones as the authors above tended to be focused mainly – though not exclusively; this is a global network we are talking about here – on their own regions: England and the United States with respect to the order of authors named above.
John Howard had already been named in the death-bed confession of Peter Narsaganon (likely a pseudonym) found in Icke’s book, The Biggest Secret from 1999, but I was interested to hear Barnett speak of “a Prime Minister”. Later in the documentary, she still doesn’t name him per sae, but as she speaks of Paul Keating, the editors show us her traumatised childhood drawing of him, with his name above the drawing. Barnett also speaks of how the press comic writers have illustrated him in the past, as if there are those “who are in the know…”
Interestingly – with regards this creature – a long-time friend of mine; a survivor who has been waiting for years for his case to be heard – after suffering in silence for three decades – recently informed me that the “compensation” for victims of sexual abuse, in Australia, has been “capped” at AU$10,000. And guess who was responsible – according to my friend – for this new law? If you think about it; if the authorities ever do bring these “highest level perpetrators” to justice (in so far as justice is possible) paying survivors a hundred grand a piece (for example) would absolutely devastate Australia’s economy; there are apparently SO MANY of them, even though many survivors are simply silenced with murder.
I had long suspected Nichole Kidman – and others who’ve had a metioric rise to fame in Hollywood given everything I know about it these days. Refer to Maury Terry’s book, The Ultimate Evil, for a start. It was, indeed interesting to hear Barnett’s testimony of her, her father and the compliance of her mother.
For those who wish to discredit Fiona Barnett, any other survivor testimony, or Elliot Sabino for that matter, I’d invite you to do exactly what Barnett suggests as she stands and recounts one story on the stage of Bathurst City Hall: “DNA test this whole front area of the stage, here. There would HAVE to be blood samples, here”. I’d also invite to you question why none of her testimony, statements to police, etc, has been acted upon, in a nation where one fake rape allegation can end a man’s career, with no evidence other than “the word” of a woman in many cases. Further, I’d invite you to question why Australia is joining the Global Totalitarian Surveillance State to such an extent that there are now – and increasingly will be – prison sentences for those who speak out against the government, and/or incite others to do so.
Fiona Barnett’s documentary can be found here, at time of writing:
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