The Global Surveillance State

Hi Ian
I like your post.
There is evidence everywhere that the agenda is the same, across the globe, and that it doesn`t just exist in/for one country. If it comes into existence in one country, you can bet, it`s not far away from reality in yours. #Governments don`t run countries, they never have, and the #NewWorldOrder, is just that; not a New “Country” Order. We see this all the time. They introduce (try out) something in one country, to see how the #Sheeple respond to it; if the Sheeple, buy it, or don`t respond too negatively to it, you can bet it`s on its way to cinemas near you. Many authors and investigative journalists are putting this together, and sharing it, today. Here are only a couple of examples that I`ve cited:

“On the other hand, not just secret societies but secrecy itself or even privacy seem increasingly impossible under the reign of George III [Obama]. They have hidden cameras everywhere. They bug our phones. If they want to, they can “read” every keystroke on my computer including this one: >>. They can pry into the contents of our bladders, in random tests explicitly forbidden by that wonderful, moribund Constitution. Sweet grieving Jesus, there`s no place we can escape or hide or feel alone, is there? … Maybe the most paranoid fantasies about the Illuminati contain some truth … maybe …” (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 54).

`Just like #spies did in olden days, put microphones and tape what people were saying, now they`re using computers to do it` (The Internet`s Own Boy, Documentary 1:09:57).

Of particular concern – with regards #Australia – and by way of supporting the point I make in paragraph 1, above, is an anonymous death-bed confession by an individual calling himself Peter Narsaganon. I`ve cited much of this “confession” by way of supporting the contentions of many authors, but the original was pasted into the rear of the #DavidIcke`s book, Human Race Get off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More, 2009.

Sadly, it would appear that this is only the beginning.
As Naomi Wolf points out “…they did this in Germany…” (The 1930`s).

It`s time that everyone – not just Australians – began to wake-up and take a long, hard look around and then
begin to figure-out how we can
If we are going to survive this, and make a much better world in which to live, we have got our work seriously cut-out for us.


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