Reply to Very Interesting Enquiry

 coverHi (Anonymous).
You`re ceratinly NOT mad. You have, somehow, been allowed to retain, from a past life, or given, in this life, the skills that all of humanity had at one time, and that all of us are capable of. Please, see this as a blessing not as a curse. Find a way to use it to help yourself, and then others.

Two people, I know of, that could help you are: Inelia Benz, and Deb Webber. Search for these people online; you can find them easily.
Contact them, like you did, me.

(Anonymous), it sounds as though you would be able to tell ME more about Nibiru being hidden from us. What I am certain of, is that those within these governments are merely puppets in an agenda (the face to show the public.) Those that are controlling them, control us and have done for millenia.  And yes, Nibiru is where they originated from, and they got trapped here, according to much reseach. The “controllers” release much false information in order to keep divide, keep chaos and to destroy the rapport that we can have with collective consciousness; the “light.” To fracture our psyche.
There is so very much to tell, and of course so much is very deliberately hidden from us, in order that we make one small mistake which can then be used to discredit our entire theory.
I know  one other person who could probably help you. Keep in touch email me from here, if you like:
I`d like to know more and give you better answers, when/if I can.
Take Care of yourself, first and then help us ALL to

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