Child Sexual Abuse and Slave Labour Built England`s Empire. Pt 1

We all have, at very least, a passing knowledge of forced #convicttransportation to #Australia beginning in the late 1700`s; and from the work of authors such as Robert Hughes and #MichealHoffman, one can find detailed evidence and examples of many atrocities. In the name of Empire building,and stealing the wealth of entire continents, with an added benefit of removing the “lower classes” from places such as White Chapel in #London`s East End, the #aristocrats/plutocrats, could #colonize a country – such as, #Australia –  with an incalculable supply of #naturalresources – have them working for Free Settlers for no pay for at least ten years; create systems of penalty whereby a convict may never attain their freedom; steal the wealth of the country and ultimately, installed the #bankingsystem described in Book I  which would serve to have a #government in debt “forever” to a small group of people; to be paid for in illegal #tax systems by the descendants of the very people first sent there as slaves, for the crime of stealing a loaf of bread to feed their starving children.

`#Childmigration was basically an antecedent to these types of practices by “#HerMajesty`s”  governments and had operated periodically throughout the seventeenth century. The first shipment involved 100 children sent to colonize #Virginia in 1618. Most of them were the equivalent of today`s street kids` (#Humphreys 1994: 60).  Mervyn Humphreys, Margaret`s husband, who undertook much of the work exposing the background of these atrocities added `information from the University [of Nottingham] library and from the Public Records Office in Kew in London` [and that] `They were known as child migration schemes … and they involved most of the major charities. It`s not just Australia. Children were sent to #Canada, #New Zealand and #Rhodesia – most before the #war but thousands afterwards as well` (Humphreys 1994: 59).

` …[T]he child migration schemes involved virtually all the major child care agencies and charities in the #UK – Dr. Barnado`s, the #NationalChildren`sHome, the #SalvationArmy, #QuarrierHomes – and a variety of social welfare agencies operating under the umbrellas of the #Catholicchurch, the #ChurchofEngland, the #PresbyterianChurch and the Church of Scotland` (Humphreys 1994: 79). For all kinds of abuse; not to mention control, distraction and #disinformation, ` church is a good cover` (Rothschild 2013). `#satanists of the highest order are behind a number of wealthy Conservative, New Right #ChristianChurches and organizations in #America. These are some of contemporary Satanism`s best cash-flow enterprises (mostly indirectly) and allow mass #indoctrination and #networking` (Narsagonan, cited in Icke 2010: 662). Stay tuned for pt 2.



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