Child Sexual Abuse And Slavery Built England`s Empire. Pt 2.

Micheal. A. #Hoffman, in his book, They Were White and They Were Slaves, provides supporting evidence that, `The Virginia Company arranged with the city of London to have 100 poor White #children … sent to Virginia in 1619 for sale to the wealthy planters of the colony to be used as slave labor` (1991: 52). Mr Hoffman, also, exposes the same practice of #childstealing, when children could not be forced – like by being branded as a #criminal – dating back to the 1600s.

Confronted with labor shortages typical of early #America, the colony of New York petitioned for #WhiteSlaves from England in 1693 …. Informal British and colonial custom validated the kidnapping of working-class British Whites and their enslavement in the colonies under such euphemisms as “Servitude  according to the  custom” which upheld the force of “verbal contracts” which shipmasters and press-gangs [slave raiders] claimed existed between them and the wretched Whites they kidnapped off the streets of #England [and other countries of the U.K.] and sold into colonial slavery (Hoffman 1991: 64/65).

The highly profitable practice of slave raiding – stealing a person or child – ` …began under the reign of King Charles I,` and `continued through the #Commonwealth period and throughout the reign of Charles II` (Hoffman 1991: 69). Additionally, Mr Hoffman observes that `#Parliamentary legislation of 1664 allowed for the capture of White children who were rounded up and shipped out in chains. #Judges received 50% of the #profits from the sale of White youths with another percentage going to the King` (ibid: 70) and additionally, the 17th and 18th century economists advocated the enslavement of poor whites as they saw them as the cheapest and most effective way to develop the #colonies and expand the #British Empire.`

Margaret Humphreys details exactly the same practice still going on `… after the second world war [when] the charities and agencies began to concentrate on Australia` (1994: 164).



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