Surrounded, but Alone on Gaia: Clearing Karma? pt1.

What follows is an illustration of some #existential #concepts that I`d suspected to be very worthy of investigation from a rather young age. Although I had some experience with beings from the #4th #dimension, and forms of #intuition, it was not until I began to study the work of #Delores #Cannon, Robert Pettit, Barbara Hand-Clow, Eckhart Tolle, and others, that I realized that others are, not only, aware of these concepts but have had “real time” experiences with them, and as such can offer some serious insights into that which #religion, the #main -stream #media, and the #Illuminati do NOT want you to know about. Much of what I state, below, is paraphrased from Delores Cannon`s work with volunteers in the deep, “#somnambulistic” level of #hypnotism. There are volumes to be said, and are indeed written in Cannon`s books, that are well beyond the scope, and focus, of this post.

Many are now aware of what has been called the “#Paradigm #Shift” that planet earth (Gaia) has been going through, particularly according to some sources for the past fifty years, but that in reality has, probably, occurred at least several times over the millennia: See #Atlantis, Alien Visitation… by author #Michael #Tsarion. Those more inquisitive among us have heard the terms, “#Indigo #Children,” and “#Lightworkers,” and aware that we entered the #New #Great #Age of #Aquarius on December 21st, 2012. It must surely be the case, and Cannon illustrates this, lyrically; that there are those of us who have chosen to come to #Gaia at this time to assist in #raising the #vibration of the #planet; to assist the “Paradigm Shift.” She offers some information that resonates with me as an explanation for certain existential conditions that some, if not, many of us endure with conflict, frustration and turmoil; made the more poignant by the glaring lack of general understanding; and worse, by statements like, “it`s just depression, snap out of it.”

If you`ve ever felt #terminally #isolated; like you`ve never belonged; that you never wanted to be here; that you have no interest in the banality of which you are surrounded; if you feel that you have never really had trouble being accepted and finding friends, but that none of them have ever had any real depth of perception, any ability for real rapport, let alone any answers, it`s possible that you made the choice to come here to help raise the vibration of the planet, to be here to witness this #26,000 #year #event, and the “#Paradigm #Shift” itself and, as such you could be what is termed a #Lightworker. Cannon illustrates that many Lightworkers, live a solitary life; wanting only to do their job, and leave here as soon as possible; that they come from #Joy-Light-Love and as such simply cannot stand being in this dense, low frequency, negative space because they simply cannot understand the #violence, the #hatred, the #murder, the #greed, the #debt #slavery and the selfishness, here in this #3rd #dimension. Many, perhaps understandably, commit suicide.

According to Cannon, and other sources, most of us have been here hundreds, if not thousands of times before. I myself have undergone past-life regression at the somnambulistic level, and witnessed several of my past lives. We have the choice, every 152 years, if memory serves, to come back here and make our contribution; more, perhaps, to the point, to “#clear #our #karma.” Of perhaps most interest would be that several sources suggest that we choose our parents; that we #choose #location, #region, #ethnicity and “#class,” for want of better nouns. This is to do with clearing our karma. We cannot progress to the next, and consequently, very highest dimensions until we have “cleared” our karma, ergo never having to come back and suffer this heavy, 3rd dimensional “physical” experience, again.

Elliot Sabino



Another Illuminati Plant, or Just another Attention-Seeking Fool?

Hello, Pam. I think you may have been referring to me as an “organization.” Please forgive me if I`ve gotten that wrong. I can assure you I`m not an organization of any kind; I`m merely an individual who wants to assist in making the planet a better place for “all of us.” If it offends you, that I need to recoup several thousand dollars that it cost me to produce my books, I guess I`ll apologize then. I`m happy to wear the 5 years of work that went in to researching and composing them; for I see this as my contribution to humanity. Please post a link to what you have contributed to humanity. I`ll read it with interest. Thanks


Attaining Our Sovereignty

Yeah, I fully agree Phil. And I`m certain that there are those who are “very” interested in seeing us attain our #freedom, and evolving as a species, and that they do give what help they are “permitted” to give us. According to some sources, we`re being invited to become a member of the #Galactic #Federation, but, of course, they can`t possibly accept us as we are. We have get our house in order first. We have to remove this #satanic #cabal that is still ruling us. #End #the #Fed` #Occupy #Wall #Street, and then get RID of it. Full #Disclosure of #Governments, Remove the #FDA, Remove #Monsanto, Remove #Big #Pharma, these are the places to start. My Opinion. Thanks for your thoughts. Cheers, Elliot.  Come on humanity. AWAKEN, and let`s  DEMAND our sovereignty.


Chemtrails: Weather Modification? Environmental Death? Or A Eugenics Program.

The people of #California, within the videos listed below, are outraged at the prevalence of #chemtrails, and the resulting scientific evidence of environmental destruction. Lobbying any board that will listen to them and providing #scientific and #agricultural #evidence to support their outrage.

In this video speakers demanding a hearing, at #San #Joaquin #Valley Air Pollution District Control board meeting, are basically gagged. They are told numerous times, that basically we don`t have the time, nor the interest in listening to what you have to way, your statements are “…going to be confined to a maximum of twelve minutes.”

In this video, Rosalind Peterson speaks, on a UN Webcast, about the evidence of serious damage to flora and fauna resulting in #solar #radiation burning the tips of plants and trees and the lack of ability of plants to #photosynthesize.

In this video #Dane #Wigington provides scientific evidence to a board that actually seem to give a fair and objective hearing, and states that the reason given as to aerial poisoning, is “Solar Radiation Modification.”

Far from it, am I, an expert on the topic of chemtrails. The above links were sent to me from a source known on twitter as


What, however, is this really all about?

I note with real interest the close proximity of all these speakers to #Mount #Shasta. Several sources have had very interesting things to say about Mt. Shasta. David Icke states that within it is a massive base of operations, run by the Mormons, for collecting data on every member of the global population (or as many as they can document) as a probable eugenics program. Other sources have stated that it`s one of the #Chakra #points of our #planet. Other sources have stated the #Pleiadians have a base there, or at least a real interest in it, and visit frequently. Yet other sources have talked about the Sasquatch being sighted around Mount Shasta region, on many occasions.

But, returning to the chemtrails. The very nature of the secrecy, let alone the apparent flat-out refusals from officials, to answer questions, or to hear objections from citizens, speaks volumes to this author. There is something very wrong going on here, and if #NASA are saying, “it`s for Solar Radiation Modification, because of #Global #Warming,” perhaps, we can bet that, that`s as far from the truth as can possibly be.

Elliot Sabino


Illuminati Cowards of the Internet.

As some of you will know. I`ve written, and recently published two books that took me collectively 5 years, with all the research included, to complete. And on the social media sites like #Facebook, it`s incredible how much #information, and how #awake people are becoming. But it`s also “astounding” how many “cowards, hiding behind #anonymity” slag-off my posts, and attempt to humiliate me, by way of attempting to discredit me. The #Illuminati apparently have many “plants” on the social networks, and the amount of “sledging,” that I`ve been getting, gives me an incredibly “positive HIGH” #energy buzz. Why? Because these #ultra-negative attacks on me, are pure confirmation that I`ve created something that is very #dangerous to them, and very #positive and #important to those of us who want to …

I was warned that this would happen, by the way. More to the point, I know who you are, and I know “what” you are. So keep sucking satan`s cock, you pathetic cowards; maybe he`ll buy you even BIGGER house, next time.


A Muppet for the #Agenda Speaks the Usual #Rubbish.

Can you believe, that statement from #David #Cameron? It`s just what you`d expect though, from an “Agenda Muppet.” Just what you`d expect, when they know we`re onto them. #Conspiracy #theorists MUST be discredited. Why? Because they know we`re onto them. In the words of Jim Marrs “When does conspiracy theory become conspiracy? When there`s enough #evidence.” Well, get on any #social #media site, Mr Cameron, and see if you can get through “all” the evidence, in just one day. My challenge to you:


#Child #Sexual #Abuse and #Trauma Based #Mind-Control. Pt 1. ***Trigger Warning***

One of the saddest and most sickening stories you`re likely to ever encounter is that of Cathy – and daughter Kelly – O`Brien, written in conjunction with Mark Phillips. Mr. Phillips was in the employ of a national security agency when he first met Cathy and Kelly and ultimately decided to #rescue them from mind control. Since then Mark Phillips has married Cathy and has been working with them as a family to have their #horrendous #experiences and those who perpetrated them exposed, and brought to justice and to have Kelly liberated from those who are still #torturing her. #Exposing them, has certainly begun to happen, but bringing them to justice is another problem altogether, when they are the Presidents, Vice #Presidents, and #Prime #Ministers of Countries; when they are heads of #Intelligence #Agencies, and when they are high profile country music stars, for example, protected by the above, due to their parts in covert drug and weapons smuggling operations such as #Iran-Contra.

In the book, #Trance #Formation of #America, the reader will encounter some of the most sickening generational and #ritual #(Satanic, and not) #abuse, #sexual #torture, #paedophilia, #bestiality, and #murder, imaginable. David Icke first introduced this author to the O`Brien`s story when outlining “#trauma-based mind control,” in his book Human Race, Get off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More. First being utilized by the #Nazis, essentially, trauma – based mind control is forcing the mind to compartmentalize into different segments in order to be able to cope with the horrific trauma and later be utilized for #military, #governmental, or other purposes by those with #super #human #abilities resultant from this mind #compartmentalization and certain consequent training.

Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim`s capacity to #disassociate, which permits the creation of new, walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming (Bain 2012: 301).

“The “Chosen One, Messiah Training” involved the whipping of two year old children as only part of the programming for a Manchurian Candidate” (Rothschild 2013). Once called “Split Personality,” the more accurate term is now employed, “Multiple Personality Disorder,” (MPD) or Dissociative Disorder (DID), when a person has compartmentalized their mind – often into many different segments, to deal with many traumas and perpetrators, while experiencing an event – unspeakably horrific – such as anal rape to a two year old child.

“The minute I turned 4 years old, my father walked me into a room in the #Pentagon, and a group of men – I can`t [won`t] say who they were – raped me” (Rothschild 2013). The event is so painful, particularly when done by someone the child thought they could – and should be able to trust; like a parent, that the mind splits off into different segments in order for the child to endure the pain – and betrayal – particularly when this hideous abuse is repeated time and again.

I always knew when it was time… he would come in to my room, strip me naked, hold me by the ankles, and I would hear the belt coming off. He would beat me like that until his frustration was done. And my mother would #poison me. I`d be on the floor writhing in pain, and she would look at me and say “suck it up. Get up. It`s time to get up” and that was part of my programming (Rothschild 2013).


The Global Education Dystopia

… If you have #children, never give them #knowledge, `Twill spoil their fortune, fools are all the fashion ….

Ottway,  the Orphan, Act III

(#Weishaupt cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008:56).

`According to [John Taylor] Gatto, real #teaching can be #dangerous. Governmental monopolies of schools has evolved in such a way that the premise of teaching students to think for themselves jeopardizes the entire institution should it spread (Marrs 2010: 196). `John D. #Rockefeller is often quoted as saying, “I don`t want a nation of thinkers, I want a nation of workers”` (ibid: 204).

#Education 2000 was designed to increase our children`s learning ability while destroying their ability to critically think for themselves. You can learn more about education 2000 through reading: Education for the #New World Order by B.K. Eakman… and A Critique of America 2000: An Educational Strategy by Kathi Simonds … (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 175).

“There`s something dreadfully wrong in education …. Daddy doesn`t know anything and congressmen know less” (Fresco 2010: 30:35). B.K #Eakman has worked tirelessly as an educator, a science editor, and a chief speech writer. She observes the current state of the New World Order`s education “system,” and the products of it in an additional, astonishingly insightful and revealing book, Walking Targets.

Instead of doing what real educational experts have spent years perfecting based on the latest research and technologies, we (and alas, other nations, as well) have bought into the failed “mental illness” paradigm, which says, essentially that, academic success or failure is traceable to personality, upbringing and social factors (Eakman 2007: 59).

The agenda would appear to be a very serious one, indeed. But not one that we haven`t seen before if we know where to look.

One major influence on Adolf #Hitler and Karl #Marx, as well as modern globalists, was Georg W.F. #Hegel, whose words and works have often been appropriated to justify the means of the powerful. Hegel once wrote, “The state is the absolute reality and the individual himself has objective existence, truth and morality only in his capacity as a member of the state.” Hegel is also most noted for his Hegelian Dialect” – thesis, antithesis, synthesis, also known as #problem reaction, solution (Marrs 2010: 197).

This is #Orwellian psycho-speak aimed at the creation of a #totalitarian “utopia,” or part thereof. Essentially what this “philosophy” implies is that a human being is never to be encouraged to discover sense of self; (You must wear the required uniform); to adhere only to what peers and bureaucrats dictate, (if you don`t join the footy team, you`re a homosexual); and to never question anyone, whether they be in authority or not, (the TV said it, it must be true), since everything – the state – is authority and you are a mere machine to respond accordingly to its every need and demand.

The #globalists … have bastardized … Hegel`s diagram …. Rather than wait for a problem to deal with, they create the problem, then offer a draconian solution. After compromise and negotiation, they still have advanced their agenda without the opposition realizing their design (ibid: 197).


Transform to Freedom Free Copy Available Now.

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The Freemasons; Illuminati; a race of reptilian extraterrestrials; Satanists; an all-powerful Brotherhood, with a membership including U.S. Presidents, the House of Windsor, the Rothschilds, and the Rockefellers. These manipulators control our lives, according to Sabino, causing pain and suffering and keeping us weakened.”

Police Involved in Child Sex Abuse Cover Ups. Trigger Word Warning to Survivors.

It has been documented by many sources that #Satanists, and #paedophiles, have long been adept at placing themselves in professions or volunteer organizations, or sporting and other clubs where they will come into contact with and/or be an influence on, and/or have control over children. Andrew Boyd cites that teacher`s were involved in the Hall Case.

A parent confirmed the basic details of those press accounts. Her son, who had been recruited by the group and abused, had given details of a ring that had been operating nationally, with international connections…. It came as no surprise to the mother when police investigations failed to break open the ring …. A … father from #Hull, said: “They rule these covens by #terror. They frighten the #kids into believing that what they can do is a lot more dangerous than what the #police can do …”  (Boyd 1991: 187).

Andrew Boyd cites, additionally, information that police have been involved on many occasions in covering up these crimes on pages 13, 167, & 247, of his book #Blasphemous Rumours, 1991. Is it of any relevance that #ScotlandYard`s Deputy Assistant Commissioner admitted to Steven #Knight that,

“Nearly all of my colleagues and seniors are #Masons… A lot of people at the Yard have got into positions they shouldn`t be in purely and simply because they`ve got Masonry behind them. But if you think anything can be done about it, you`re wasting your time”     (Heimbichner cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 73)?

The above information regarding Scotland Yard, as quoted by Craig Heimbichner, was cited from Steven Knight`s Book The #Brotherhood: The Secret World of The #Freemasons published in (1984).

Knight`s book touched off a sensation in #England. Knight died a year later at the age of 33 (coincidentally the top degree of the Masonic Scottish Rite); his work was carried on in Martin Short`s Inside the Brotherhood (1989). Short spends several chapters covering the #police-Masonic connection, beginning with revelations about the British police lodge, the Manor of St. James`s, number 9179, which was founded by the Brethren, “all of whom had served as Police Officers in `C` or St James`s District of the #MetropolitanPolice (ibid).

`After completing her `education` with the O.C.L, Lilith was tutored by an English gentleman who I knew as Pindar. [David Icke, in his book  the Biggest Secret,  cites this man as “possibly” #PrincePhilip, #DukeofEdinburgh, husband of #Queen Elizabeth II and as an extremely powerful and violent reptilian, as witnessed by several sources, when in full “ceremonial character.” Mr. Icke does clearly state, however, that he has not been able to verify this.] … His [Pindar`s] were the `Irish` mysteries of degradation and when his name was ever mentioned Lilith would laughingly sing, ` …the rosy red cheeks of the little children.` Lilith procured children to satiate the debased lusts of many #Satanists. These were taken from single girls by promises, for a fee or occasionally, simply stolen. Babies were bred for their various purposes by #`Broodmares`- young unemployed girls who were paid to hand over their `produce` (Narsagonan, cited in Icke 2010: 662).