#Child #Sexual #Abuse and #Trauma Based #Mind-Control. Pt 1. ***Trigger Warning***

One of the saddest and most sickening stories you`re likely to ever encounter is that of Cathy – and daughter Kelly – O`Brien, written in conjunction with Mark Phillips. Mr. Phillips was in the employ of a national security agency when he first met Cathy and Kelly and ultimately decided to #rescue them from mind control. Since then Mark Phillips has married Cathy and has been working with them as a family to have their #horrendous #experiences and those who perpetrated them exposed, and brought to justice and to have Kelly liberated from those who are still #torturing her. #Exposing them, has certainly begun to happen, but bringing them to justice is another problem altogether, when they are the Presidents, Vice #Presidents, and #Prime #Ministers of Countries; when they are heads of #Intelligence #Agencies, and when they are high profile country music stars, for example, protected by the above, due to their parts in covert drug and weapons smuggling operations such as #Iran-Contra.

In the book, #Trance #Formation of #America, the reader will encounter some of the most sickening generational and #ritual #(Satanic, and not) #abuse, #sexual #torture, #paedophilia, #bestiality, and #murder, imaginable. David Icke first introduced this author to the O`Brien`s story when outlining “#trauma-based mind control,” in his book Human Race, Get off Your Knees, The Lion Sleeps No More. First being utilized by the #Nazis, essentially, trauma – based mind control is forcing the mind to compartmentalize into different segments in order to be able to cope with the horrific trauma and later be utilized for #military, #governmental, or other purposes by those with #super #human #abilities resultant from this mind #compartmentalization and certain consequent training.

Installation of mind control programming relies on the victim`s capacity to #disassociate, which permits the creation of new, walled-off personalities to “hold” and “hide” programming. Already dissociative children are prime “candidates” for programming (Bain 2012: 301).

“The “Chosen One, Messiah Training” involved the whipping of two year old children as only part of the programming for a Manchurian Candidate” (Rothschild 2013). Once called “Split Personality,” the more accurate term is now employed, “Multiple Personality Disorder,” (MPD) or Dissociative Disorder (DID), when a person has compartmentalized their mind – often into many different segments, to deal with many traumas and perpetrators, while experiencing an event – unspeakably horrific – such as anal rape to a two year old child.

“The minute I turned 4 years old, my father walked me into a room in the #Pentagon, and a group of men – I can`t [won`t] say who they were – raped me” (Rothschild 2013). The event is so painful, particularly when done by someone the child thought they could – and should be able to trust; like a parent, that the mind splits off into different segments in order for the child to endure the pain – and betrayal – particularly when this hideous abuse is repeated time and again.

I always knew when it was time… he would come in to my room, strip me naked, hold me by the ankles, and I would hear the belt coming off. He would beat me like that until his frustration was done. And my mother would #poison me. I`d be on the floor writhing in pain, and she would look at me and say “suck it up. Get up. It`s time to get up” and that was part of my programming (Rothschild 2013).




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