Illuminati Cowards of the Internet.

As some of you will know. I`ve written, and recently published two books that took me collectively 5 years, with all the research included, to complete. And on the social media sites like #Facebook, it`s incredible how much #information, and how #awake people are becoming. But it`s also “astounding” how many “cowards, hiding behind #anonymity” slag-off my posts, and attempt to humiliate me, by way of attempting to discredit me. The #Illuminati apparently have many “plants” on the social networks, and the amount of “sledging,” that I`ve been getting, gives me an incredibly “positive HIGH” #energy buzz. Why? Because these #ultra-negative attacks on me, are pure confirmation that I`ve created something that is very #dangerous to them, and very #positive and #important to those of us who want to …

I was warned that this would happen, by the way. More to the point, I know who you are, and I know “what” you are. So keep sucking satan`s cock, you pathetic cowards; maybe he`ll buy you even BIGGER house, next time.



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