Chemtrails: Weather Modification? Environmental Death? Or A Eugenics Program.

The people of #California, within the videos listed below, are outraged at the prevalence of #chemtrails, and the resulting scientific evidence of environmental destruction. Lobbying any board that will listen to them and providing #scientific and #agricultural #evidence to support their outrage.

In this video speakers demanding a hearing, at #San #Joaquin #Valley Air Pollution District Control board meeting, are basically gagged. They are told numerous times, that basically we don`t have the time, nor the interest in listening to what you have to way, your statements are “…going to be confined to a maximum of twelve minutes.”

In this video, Rosalind Peterson speaks, on a UN Webcast, about the evidence of serious damage to flora and fauna resulting in #solar #radiation burning the tips of plants and trees and the lack of ability of plants to #photosynthesize.

In this video #Dane #Wigington provides scientific evidence to a board that actually seem to give a fair and objective hearing, and states that the reason given as to aerial poisoning, is “Solar Radiation Modification.”

Far from it, am I, an expert on the topic of chemtrails. The above links were sent to me from a source known on twitter as


What, however, is this really all about?

I note with real interest the close proximity of all these speakers to #Mount #Shasta. Several sources have had very interesting things to say about Mt. Shasta. David Icke states that within it is a massive base of operations, run by the Mormons, for collecting data on every member of the global population (or as many as they can document) as a probable eugenics program. Other sources have stated that it`s one of the #Chakra #points of our #planet. Other sources have stated the #Pleiadians have a base there, or at least a real interest in it, and visit frequently. Yet other sources have talked about the Sasquatch being sighted around Mount Shasta region, on many occasions.

But, returning to the chemtrails. The very nature of the secrecy, let alone the apparent flat-out refusals from officials, to answer questions, or to hear objections from citizens, speaks volumes to this author. There is something very wrong going on here, and if #NASA are saying, “it`s for Solar Radiation Modification, because of #Global #Warming,” perhaps, we can bet that, that`s as far from the truth as can possibly be.

Elliot Sabino



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