Attaining Our Sovereignty

Yeah, I fully agree Phil. And I`m certain that there are those who are “very” interested in seeing us attain our #freedom, and evolving as a species, and that they do give what help they are “permitted” to give us. According to some sources, we`re being invited to become a member of the #Galactic #Federation, but, of course, they can`t possibly accept us as we are. We have get our house in order first. We have to remove this #satanic #cabal that is still ruling us. #End #the #Fed` #Occupy #Wall #Street, and then get RID of it. Full #Disclosure of #Governments, Remove the #FDA, Remove #Monsanto, Remove #Big #Pharma, these are the places to start. My Opinion. Thanks for your thoughts. Cheers, Elliot.  Come on humanity. AWAKEN, and let`s  DEMAND our sovereignty.



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