Surrounded, but Alone on Gaia: Clearing Karma? pt1.

What follows is an illustration of some #existential #concepts that I`d suspected to be very worthy of investigation from a rather young age. Although I had some experience with beings from the #4th #dimension, and forms of #intuition, it was not until I began to study the work of #Delores #Cannon, Robert Pettit, Barbara Hand-Clow, Eckhart Tolle, and others, that I realized that others are, not only, aware of these concepts but have had “real time” experiences with them, and as such can offer some serious insights into that which #religion, the #main -stream #media, and the #Illuminati do NOT want you to know about. Much of what I state, below, is paraphrased from Delores Cannon`s work with volunteers in the deep, “#somnambulistic” level of #hypnotism. There are volumes to be said, and are indeed written in Cannon`s books, that are well beyond the scope, and focus, of this post.

Many are now aware of what has been called the “#Paradigm #Shift” that planet earth (Gaia) has been going through, particularly according to some sources for the past fifty years, but that in reality has, probably, occurred at least several times over the millennia: See #Atlantis, Alien Visitation… by author #Michael #Tsarion. Those more inquisitive among us have heard the terms, “#Indigo #Children,” and “#Lightworkers,” and aware that we entered the #New #Great #Age of #Aquarius on December 21st, 2012. It must surely be the case, and Cannon illustrates this, lyrically; that there are those of us who have chosen to come to #Gaia at this time to assist in #raising the #vibration of the #planet; to assist the “Paradigm Shift.” She offers some information that resonates with me as an explanation for certain existential conditions that some, if not, many of us endure with conflict, frustration and turmoil; made the more poignant by the glaring lack of general understanding; and worse, by statements like, “it`s just depression, snap out of it.”

If you`ve ever felt #terminally #isolated; like you`ve never belonged; that you never wanted to be here; that you have no interest in the banality of which you are surrounded; if you feel that you have never really had trouble being accepted and finding friends, but that none of them have ever had any real depth of perception, any ability for real rapport, let alone any answers, it`s possible that you made the choice to come here to help raise the vibration of the planet, to be here to witness this #26,000 #year #event, and the “#Paradigm #Shift” itself and, as such you could be what is termed a #Lightworker. Cannon illustrates that many Lightworkers, live a solitary life; wanting only to do their job, and leave here as soon as possible; that they come from #Joy-Light-Love and as such simply cannot stand being in this dense, low frequency, negative space because they simply cannot understand the #violence, the #hatred, the #murder, the #greed, the #debt #slavery and the selfishness, here in this #3rd #dimension. Many, perhaps understandably, commit suicide.

According to Cannon, and other sources, most of us have been here hundreds, if not thousands of times before. I myself have undergone past-life regression at the somnambulistic level, and witnessed several of my past lives. We have the choice, every 152 years, if memory serves, to come back here and make our contribution; more, perhaps, to the point, to “#clear #our #karma.” Of perhaps most interest would be that several sources suggest that we choose our parents; that we #choose #location, #region, #ethnicity and “#class,” for want of better nouns. This is to do with clearing our karma. We cannot progress to the next, and consequently, very highest dimensions until we have “cleared” our karma, ergo never having to come back and suffer this heavy, 3rd dimensional “physical” experience, again.

Elliot Sabino



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