Could This Explain How the Pyramids Were Built? pt1. Posted by E. Sabino Dec` 19th, 2014

As part of his investigations into the Source Field David Wilcock has uncovered some incredible #quantum #physics that may explain how the pyramids at Giza, to name only one example, were built with such precision that a piece of paper cannot be slid between the massive stones.

#Atoms and molecules are nothing more than vortexes within #gravity. In [Dr Dewey] Larson`s model, there are only three real #dimensions – and in this absolute reality – space and time are one and the same. You then have two parallel realities where the space in one reality creates the time in the other reality and vice versa. There is constant, flowing exchange between these two realities going on within every atom. When an atom pops over into time-space, its spinning momentum is transferred over into the fluid like energy within the parallel reality – and it is no longer affected by gravity in our own space-time. Gravity now moves through that area without pushing on the atom anymore. However, if the atom (or the vortex in time-space) starts losing its speed and momentum, gravity pulls it back into #space-#time (Wilcock 2011: 283).

Drs. Dewey Larson, Bruce DePalma, and Nikolai Kozyrev, as outlined at length in Mr Wilcock`s book, all performed experiments with matter, molecules, atoms, weight loss, and decrease of mass by smashing, shaking and rotating objects to witness the effects of gravitational mass. `Only when a particle is at rest it may be considered pure matter. As soon as a particle begins to move its gravitational mass and electrical charge will start to decrease` (Ginzburg cited in Wilcock 2011: 278). This same concept is how objects becoming lodged in other objects during a tornado can be explained. Mr Wilcock cites many examples, such as a drinking straw being lodged completely undamaged in a tree, and a two-by-four piece of pine wood becoming lodged in a section of an iron bridge.

Solid objects, it would seem, become fluid-like and malleable, when the structure of an atom is altered by popping to the polar opposite of space-time, into #time-space by an event such as `smashing or shaking an object, or by rapidly rotating an object …. [Then] we can apparently accelerate the internal movement in an atom past light speed` (Wilcock 2011: 283). Gravity and levity, it would appear are the balance that appears in nature, the absolute reality, as mentioned above is where time and space are one and the same. Then, with reality 2, space-time consists of gravity pushing down, and with reality 3, time-space creates the balance whereby levity is pushing up. `Ultimately, all #atoms are #vortexes within an #energy #field which most people call gravity and which we are calling the Source Field` (Wilcock 2011: 282).

Citation from:                                                                                                                                                                          Wilcock, D. 2011, The Source Field Investigations, Penguin Group (USA) Inc., New York.



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