Could This Explain How the Pyramids Were Built? pt2.

Returning for a moment to Jim Marrs` research, `…Rife increased the natural oscillations of one-celled bacteria and viruses until they distorted and disintegrated from structural stress. A crude analogy to this effect is when a singer sounds a high note` (Marrs 2010: 127). But is there more that we can do with frequencies and radio waves? Can massive, solid heavy objects be deliberately altered into a fluid state accomplishing a decrease in mass at the atomic level? Can gravity be replaced by its counterpart, levity by tuning into an atom and popping its main essence from space-time into time-space? `The greatest secret of all, according to a Swedish engineer, was that “a vibrating and condensed sound field can nullify the power of gravitation”` (Wilcock 2011: 293).

The story, as documented by David Wilcock, is that a Swedish aircraft designer, Henry Kjellson told the story that was then published in a German magazine. `… New Zealand … researcher Bruce Cathie then wrote a detailed analysis of it in David Hatcher Childress`Anti-Gravity and the World Grid` (ibid. Adopting a pseudonym,

Dr Jarl, was a close friend of Henry Kjellson and he [Dr Jarl], befriended a young Tibetan student while studying at Oxford. When Dr Jarl was later paid to visit Egypt … his Tibetan friend found out – and sent a message to find him. The message was very good. Dr Jarl`s friend had become a trusted member of the monastery and a high Tibetan lama said he wanted to meet Dr Jarl – urgently (ibid).

Dr Jarl was the first westerner to witness ` … the Tibetans using sound to levitate gigantic stones …` (ibid). The story is an incredible one and you are strongly encouraged to purchase a copy of The Source Field Investigations and discover the story, on pages 293-294 & 295, as related by Mr Wilcock and told partially in verbatim by Bruce Cathie. The science appears to be this, according to Mr Wilcock`s research and as briefly outlined above:

Obviously, the power of the drums, trumpets, and chanting is not enough to cause an object to levitate by any conventional means – but if they were creating the right coherence in the [bowl-shaped] block [that the rock was resting on], they could resonate atoms inside the rock, over the light-speed boundary. They [the atoms] then enter into time-space, and provide thrust as they get pushed on by the levity force. If you touched the rock during this time it would have almost certainly become spongy, since as many as half the molecules are longer in our reality (Wilcock 2011: 296).

Citation from

Wilcock, D. 2011, The Source Field Investigations, Penguin Group (USA) Inc., New York.

E. Sabino, Dec` 21st, 2014



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