The Black Plagues & Chemtrails. Posted by, E. Sabino Jan 1st, 2014 depositphotos_9456530-Coughing

The Collected Works of Charles Fort, contains four books of Mr. Fort`s best work, and as such is 1062 pages in length. The author cannot, at this time, relocate the exact quotes but feels sure that they are within the third book, Lo, as it appears in the  collected  works. They are citations of evidence that each of the two Black Plagues seen throughout Europe, were preceded by strange mists – or fogs – (are you familiar with Chemtrails?) which resulted in the immediate and rapid spread of a deadly disease, resulting in thousands of deaths. What this author has managed to relocate, however, is

There is another view from which I am now gathering material – New York Times, Dec. 6, 1930 – “Scores die; 300 stricken by poison fog in Belgium; panic grips countryside. Origin complete mystery. War scenes recalled.” It may be that it was a war (Fort 1941: 574).

…Chemtrails result when chemicals are sprayed at high altitude for biological warfare testing or the routine control of vegetation and pests. Friends of mine were actually in an airplane in the sky right next to a cargo plane that was dumping thousands of pounds of powdered chemicals at its rear. Chemtrails are very real; too many people have seen the evidence (Humble 2006: 128).


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