#Magic, Sometimes #Spelled with a K. (#Magick) pt 1.

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Oh, Oh It`s Magic, When I`m with You.” Cars 1984.

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot  explain as a fraud.”  Carl Jung

`Magic [sometimes spelled with a k added to the end] is defined by Colin de Plancy, author of the Dictionnaire Infernale as “the art of producing in nature, with the help of demons, things beyond the power of men”` (Boyd 1991: 109).  Additionally `The occult tradition has its origins in the Persian Manicheanism of the third century, a syncretism of many religious views, including dualism and gnosticism which view good and evil as in eternal conflict` (Skelton & Hale cited in Boyd 1991: 109).

The Cryptocracy manipulates the waves of Groupthink most effectively through imposing the kabbalistic paradigm. Different from the new age version popularized by Madonna, the real Kabbala contains black magick. Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan writes, “Many techniques of the magical schools of the Kabbala involved incantations and amulets and these were often used for trivial and even questionable purposes… “We also find formulas for protection against one`s enemies, or even some for doing away with them” (Heimbichner cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 67-68).

In historical and contemporary Satanism a variety of demons – supernatural beings of a lower order – are invoked for purposes that vary according to their characteristics. Satan himself has been called upon by many names, each presenting a different aspect of his character and antecedents (Boyd 1991: 109).

The Alpha Lodge to which I was a member placed a great deal of emphasis on  magick, both in theory and in practice. Demons were evoked and dispatched; sigils [an inscribed or painted symbol] made, and sacrifices and the letting of blood encouraged (Narsagonan, cited in Icke 2010: 662).

Remembering Mo-Loch from chapter 1, above, `Rituals [at Bohemian Grove], where held at a huge, concrete owl monument on the banks of, ironically enough, the Russian (rushin`) river` (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 170). However, Cathy O`Brien`s experiences at Bohemian Grove, were that the place is a secure political sex playground (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 169) and believes, from her experiences, that `These occultish sex rituals stemmed from the scientific belief that mind-controlled slaves required severe trauma to ensure compartmentalization of the memory and not from any spiritual motivation` (ibid: 170), but that `…the New World Order meeting at Bohemian Grove [is an] agenda of “mass genocide of selected undesirables”`(ibid: 171).

There is a more serious occult-philosophical point they`re aiming at: that of a Man-made/Masonic Paradise, their version of paradise on earth, created by them, ruled by them, and not-altogether too different from hell for the masses who have to live there (Bain 2012: 31).

One of the predominant secret societies in the Arab world is the Order of the Mystic Shrine, or `Shriners`. They are connected to the Knights Templar, and the York and Scottish Rites of Freemasonry. Among their members in the United States have been Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his successor president Harry S. Truman. (Icke 1999: 425).

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