http://www.transformtofreedom.com   Posted by, E. Sabino 12 Jan, 2015.

Let`s return to #Princess #Diana, and the testimony uncovered by #David #Icke. In researching his book, The #Biggest #Secret, Mr. Icke managed to gain the confidence of ` … a brilliant and gifted healer,` Christine Fitzgerald. In Christine, Diana found  – over nine years – a trusted friend and confidant. Because of her knowledge of the esoteric, Princess Diana was able to tell Christine many things that would have led other people to think she were crazy (Icke 1999: 457).

According to Christine,`… her nicknames for the Windsors where “the lizards” and “the reptiles“ and she used to say in all seriousness: “they`re not human”` (Fitzgerald cited in Icke 1999: 458).

#Christine #Fitzgerald goes on to explain to Mr. Icke that she works with micro-energies in her work as a healer, and that these same energies are accessed by those with the (esoteric) knowledge for all kinds of reasons. She explains that #reptilians, as a cold blooded species, can easily utilize #cloning type of practices. `They take pieces of flesh and rebuild the body from that.`

The different bodies are just different #electrical #vibrations and they have got that secret, they`ve got the secret of the #micro-currents, it`s so micro, so specific, these radio waves that actually create the bodies (ibid).

“The government knows how to just take a soul and put it in this body, or this one, or this one … it takes tech` to do it” (Rothschild 2013).

`The Queen Mother [is] a serious piece of wizardry` ` … [she] is a lot older than most people think. Don`t think of #the #Queen #Mother and #Queen #Victoria as different people, think of them as the same person who after a while has had to replace their coat.`

They know the vibration of life, and because they are cold blooded, they are reptiles, they have no wish to make Earth the perfect harmony it could be, or to heal the Earth from the damage that`s been done.  (Fitzgerald cited in Icke 1999: 459).

`“… if you looked at where all the castles are built and where there are a lot #street #children in the third world they are galloping it at the moment. They`re pulling the kids in en mass now` (Fitzgerald cited in Icke 1999: 460).

` … it is the pure [energy] essence of the pre-pubescent the reptilians want…the contaminated essence of us adults is not worth anything to them` (Icke 1999: 460). Testimony received by Andrew Boyd supports this, a young boy is ` … that victim which contains the greatest and purest force.` `[A] male child of perfect innocence and high intelligence is the most satisfactory and suitable victim` (Boyd 1991: 125).




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