Fighting for Freedom? What a Great “Oxley” Moron!

IS099T103  If you have anything resembling a personality left after “this #mindless #indoctrination” well, you ain`t gonna get paid! The very last thing the #Cabal-#owned #military wants is people with #critical #thinking #skills. For those with with #reasoning #ability tend “not” to blindly follow orders to rush a #machine-#gun #nest. For this behavior is in total contradiction of “who we truly are.” “When you put a person into a #war, you break them” #Enalia #Benz.


Yeah. Defending the #violent, #totalitarian #control of entire nations, for a small handful of ultra-rich #vampires, for whom no #profit, nor #power will, apparently, ever suffice. Remove this #abomination #to #humanity, at once, and place all of that money into developing a credit based society, for “all human beings,” in a similar fashion to that which is outlined in, `#Currency,` above, Book 2. It is this very base, reptilian brain, fear/survival instinct that humanity desperately needs to evolve beyond. So long as we live in a state of fear, we will not – and can never be –  free! And again, peaceful non-compliance. With your neighbourhood group, as a member of your local council, on your website or blog, create petitions and get the signatures stating that you will “not” be conscripted to fight, you will “not” pay the taxes that fund this hideousness, and that you will “NOT” be giving your child`s details on #university-entrance application forms to be used by the #military. Sell your car, if possible. Buy a bicycle. Refuse to purchase a car ever again, until they are fitted with motors running on #free #energy. Again, tell everybody the reasons why, and encourage them to do the same.  Posted by Elliot Sabino, Jan` 22. 2015



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