False Flag No: 3. Japan`s Turn.

False Flag No: 3. Japan`s Turn.

http://www.transformtofreedom.com Posted by, E. Sabino. Jan` 28th 2015

Amid the rushing through of parliamentary elections, #antiterrorist #laws, reintroduced patriotic indoctrination and voluntary – probably soon to become compulsory – #military #service into the #classroom, all aimed, apparently, at reestablishing the #totalitarian #agenda in 19th & 20th century #Japan, #Shinzo #Abe would appear to be the felacio-boy that we`ve become accustomed to expecting from the Satanic Cabal that is still the running planet…into the ground.

When 200 millie is at stake, you`d think they could have sprung for better actors than #Jihad #Johnny, and the two muppets trying a little too hard to look even more pathetic than they are in real life. And it would surprise me, to the point of heart-attack, if the average Japanese moron even gives this footage a second glance. Blind obedience to authority being the traditional Japanese Mantra. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/01/28/national/response-to-hostages-reveals-naivety-amid-push-for-global-security-role/#.VMhP5Ety9Zg

As soon as I saw that “Sound-Bite”, (Monday Jan` 26th) linked to from the #Japan #Times, I knew it was a false flag: incidentally, that makes 3 in 3 months, in 3 different countries. Almost the first words out of the muppet`s mouth, were `”Prime Minister Abe is responding to this “terrorist threat…”` and the usual associated buzz-words and propaganda. Once you`ve heard/seen enough of these exact type of “sound-bites” – let alone worked in the industry – the agenda just becomes so very obvious. They are reading from the same script as thousands before them; a script that is always written by the same 5 (media corporations) people.

When thousands are still homeless, after the #3/11 #earthquake, what kind of Prime Minister #pledges to give #200 million bucks in support of “Global Security?” Answer, the type that believes war and it`s associated #eugenics #program, is the only industry that`s going to get Japan`s economy back to the position of making #obscene #wealth for the minority groups, and saving them from having to feed Japan`s “rapidly aging population” and “import immigrant (foreign devil) workers.” Additionally, it is the kind that is controlled by, and accountable to, the same “Cabal” that every other government on the planet is currently controlled by.

Whatever the finer political details, that we`re never meant to know, may be, one thing is certain: This video footage is so obviously a fake. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrdDavSw_Fg



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