The global gestapo, is in full swing in the U.S. Unarmed man, murdered by police. 13 shots fired. Cops get a paid holiday for this murder. Some poor family gets to bury a loved one and pay massive funeral costs. Stay tuned, the Global Gestapo are coming to a cinema near you.


Their antics are unhinged, they are out of control!  

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False Flags & Fear Mongering. Don`t Buy into it, Japan.

http://www.transformtofreedom.com E. Sabino, Feb` 3rd, 2015.

In the article found here, after the “alleged beheading” of #Kenji #Goto, http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/02/01/national/islamic-state-group-purportedly-releases-goto-execution-video/#.VNAv-kty9Zg British accented Jihad Johnny, apparently, made a tough threat to Japan and its people: “To the Japanese government. You, like your foolish allies in the satanic coalition, have yet to understand that we, by Allah’s grace, are a large Islamic caliphate with authority and power and an entire army thirsty for your blood. “Abe, because of your decision to take part in an unwinnable war, this knife will not only slaughter Kenji but will carry on and also cause carnage wherever your people are found. So let the nightmare for Japan begin,” (para. 3 -4).

The use of the term satanic coalition speaks volumes to an author who has undertaken the type – and amount – of research that is evidenced in http://www.transfomtofreedom.com Book 2. But, many of you may not know what I refer to here. See blog previous blog posts, Magick, & Trauma Based Mind-Control, for some hints. In the above threat, note, additionally, the use of the phrase “unwinnable war.” Would an Islamic extremist think in these terms? Doesn`t a religious Jihadist see that “paradise” is the ultimate goal for he and his maniacal believe system and that – in this sense – his war is always winnable? That there is no other possible outcome: that death and victory are both a victory? Does this tell us something about the script writer of the threat? Does it tell us that someone – other than whom we are meant to believe – is writing this fiction to promote a “reaction” from the Japanese sheeple, that would then be used to justify, “We will consider the possibility of using arms to eliminate danger and to rescue these individuals and others,” from paragraphs 6-7 of another article, found here: http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/02/02/national/politics-diplomacy/abe-says-working-with-global-community-only-way-to-fight-terrorism/#.VNDA-Uty9Zh

Is it possible that this whole issue is a #False #Flag meant to enrage the people of Japan – and to forward the case to the people of the world – with regards to, “…the Cabinet’s controversial decision last year to reinterpret the war-renouncing Article 9 of the Constitution to allow the nation [Japan] to exercise the right to collective self-defense, or coming to the aid of an ally under attack” (ibid, para 12).  Recently Abe has attempted to “encourage” military conscription, back into high schools across the nation. Thankfully this was met with a rather resounding “get fucked, you idiot” – though the Japanese would never have the backbone to say it in such terms.

In another article – last year – it was stated that #Abe has introduced legislation that #forbids “#freedom #of #speech,” essentially, stating that, anyone who speaks out against the #Japanese #Government is a #terrorist. One is left to wonder what #totalitarian #legislation Abe will next thrust through parliament without bothering to consult a single voter; and to wonder if False Flags like the above will be used in Japan – as they are elsewhere – to distract the sheeple, or better yet to convince them that – compulsory military conscription; or even better yet, going to war with Iraq is necessary as, “I will take thorough measures to ensure the safety of Japanese citizens inside and outside Japan,” (http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2015/02/01/ para. 8). More than one wit is suggesting that Japan is gearing-up for a war with someone. The question is, who is pulling Abe`s chain? The same puppet-masters that are controlling every other government on the planet? It`s pretty obvious to a thinking person.

Does recent history suggest that the next False Terror Flag, will be within Japan itself? And wouldn`t “that” be the proverbial final straw in convincing Japan`s school children – and the people of the world – that re-militarization of Japan is necessary! Japan`s Prime Minister Abe would “have” to be in on this agenda! How could anyone possibly be so stupid as not to be?

DON`T BUY INTO IT! The #Globalist #Cabal are either manipulating, or simply using Abe to forward the agenda that the Mass -ively – “Controlled” – Media have been forwarding since 9/11. Get your news from different sources and think critically. Always “look” to see who may be benefiting from the “stories” that you`re being told. The best place to start, with regards this is to always, “follow the money.”

IE248-017 These two “muppets” have been included here, as the personification of the ultra- materialistic, absolute conformist-to-stereotypical-single-minded-indoctrinated-behaviour of a socially, and emotionally, repressed society that is the product, and creation, of abject banality. Grow a brain, and learn to think for yourself, Japan. It may your only hope. Your government obviously has no interest in allowing you to http://www.transformtofreedom.com