Removing the Brotherhood’s Power Structure. Pt, 1. Posted by Elliot Sabino April 24th, 2015 images-7 If we remove ourselves from the “care, and absolute influence of the state:” child care for parents with no other choice than debt slavery, and compulsory education constructed to create Rockefeller`s `nations of workers, not thinkers,` parents could spend a lot more time with their children, affording them the time and the focus to know, with much more certainty, what exactly is going on in their child`s life; where they are, who is in physical and emotional contact with them; where they are spending most of their time; who is influencing their moral, critical-thinking and spiritual development? Doesn`t it make sense that to have more time, and “a lot less stress” that is created from the need to simply pay all the bills, that parents would then be in a much better  position to protect children from any number of abuses? Vote with your wallet. Don`t promote free trade agreements by buying crap made in #China by employees who are beaten and locked-up, working 18 hour days in #sweatshops; who are paid 3 cents per hour in order that a small group of people continue to get obscenely rich. Don`t buy junk-food. Go to Google, or YouTube, or your local library and search for Peter Cundall`s companion planting and crop rotation vegetable garden system, and similarly, anything on permaculture. The importance of growing your own food cannot be emphasised adequately for a whole host of reasons; not the least of which for avoiding #GMO #foods that are increasingly being foisted on the masses. Do you remember that statement cited by Mr. Fulford, “war just doesn`t do it, so we`re going to use diseases”? Demand that free-energy technology be allowed to all of us, and in the meantime get your own #free #energy device in your house, such as the Johnston motor cited above. If you have to pay an electrician to set it up for you, do it in the knowledge that for the first time ever his invoice will be a one-time only expense. Young girl lying on inflatable globeTransform_to_Freedom_copy_copy-2


UK Man Quits Chemo and Beats Cancer with Cannabis


The US government has finally acknowledged the anticancer properties of cannabis. At this point it’s pretty difficult to ignore the evidence, including countless testimonials of people who cured their cancer with cannabis extracts.

The latest example is a young man whose attempts at traditional cancer treatments of surgery, radiation and chemotherapy failed to get rid of his stage-three bowel cancer. Cannabis oil was a last ditch effort, and it worked.


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Sandy Hoax Update – FOI requests is scheduled for April 24, 2015

This will be very interesting. Can’t wait for time to check it out.


“Real Politik” with Dr. James Tracy – Interview 44: Wolfgang Halbig 04-13-2015

Published on Apr 13, 2015

On this week’s edition James speaks with Wolfgang Halbig, a former Florida State Trooper and school safety consultant. The two discuss Halbig’s continuing investigation of the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre event.

Mr. Halbig has probed the Newtown shooting for over two years. During this time he has been repeatedly stonewalled by Newtown and Connecticut state authorities in FOI requests for documentation proving the event in fact took place as it has been reported in mainstream press accounts.

Halbig’s forthcoming meeting with the Connecticut Freedom of Information Commission to settle his numerous outstanding FOI requests is scheduled for April 24, 2015.


April 15, 2015 -Memory Hole Blog

Sandy Hook: What Really Happened?

Dr. James Tracy



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The Creation of a Slave … Species, Pt 3.   Posted by Elliot Sabino IS09984O3IS09984OT

This brings us to the story of the #Garden #of #Eden. The story of Adam and Eve in the Garden is that two people learning of a `knowing`.  In the Old Testament `to know` continually refers to the act of sexual intercourse by a man and woman for the purpose of producing offspring (Sitchin 1976: 368). Yet, man was a hybrid species up to this point and, as such, could not reproduce himself. `Like a mule (a cross between a mare and a donkey), such mammal hybrids are sterile` (Sitchin 1976: 368). It seems that a point had arrived whereby man/woman were capable, biologically, of reproducing themselves and the deity(s) were not cool about man knowing this. Figure 157 of The Twelfth Planet would appear to be strong evidence, when weighed with all other evidence that is beyond the scope of this book, that homo sapiens were a cloned species.

Our curiosity is aroused by a scene depicted on a rock carving found in the mountains of southern #Elam. It depicts a seated deity holding a “laboratory” flask from which liquids are flowing – a familiar depiction of #Enki. A great  goddess is seated next to him, a pose that indicates that she was a co-worker rather than a spouse; she could be none other than Ninti, the Mother  goddess, or  goddess of Birth. The two are flanked by lesser goddesses – reminiscent of the birth goddesses of the Creation tales. Facing these creators of Man are row upon row of human beings, whose outstanding feature is that they all look alike – like products from the same mould (Sitchin 1976: 369).

One witness, from whom we`ll hear segments of testimony during this work, stated in an interview with Kerry Cassidy, at the May 2013 Super Soldier Summit that “[the] Rothschild [family] …. We all have the same ET DNA. They`re all interbred, Rockefellers/Rothschilds.” And that she downloaded this information from “… soul/source memories, I knew that my #DNA would tell me the story, from meditation” (Erin Rothschild cited in Cassidy 2013).

It is widely known today, thanks to the exploitations of those like #Cecil #Rhodes, that #South #Africa is likely the richest country in natural resources on the Planet. Narsagonan echoes this, citing that Australia is second only to South Africa (Narsagonan, cited in Icke 2010: 663). It would appear; however, that the wealth of South Africa has been known for, surely, well more than a million years, for South Africa – once the Annunaki had established themselves in the oil rich areas of ancient Babylon and created a species of slave-labour – is where they headed. Remembering that gold was one of the main prizes for the atmospheric problem on Nibiru, we could assume that this was at least partially the reason for establishing a slave colony in South Africa; but we don`t need to. The Sumerians documented it for us, and Mr Sitchen and his colleagues worked tirelessly to uncover it for us.

Many cylinder seals have been found in The Cradle of Civilization depicting animals and jungle scenes not familiar with that region of the world, like the zebra and the ostrich, and certain of these contain the story of AB.ZU ` … which scholars have accepted to mean “watery deep” [but this] requires a fresh and critical analysis. Literally the term meant “primeval deep source” – not necessarily of water` (Sitchin 1976: 317). However, `… either of two syllables of any word could precede the other without changing the word`s meaning …` so that ` … ZU.AB meant the same thing` (ibid 1976: 317). `The latter spelling of the Sumerian term enables identification of its parallel in the Semitic languages … for za-ab has always meant and still means “precious metal,” specifically “gold,” in its Hebrew and sister languages` (ibid 1976: 318).  As outlined by Mr #Sitchin `Ea was not the lord of an indefinite “watery deep,” but the god in charge of the exploitation of #Earth`s #minerals` (1976: 318). Transform_to_Freedom_copy_copy-2

The Creation of a Slave … “Species”, Pt 2.  Elliot Sabino, April 9th, 2015 Artwork of the primordial Earth

There is a planet that orbits outside of our solar system, but that reenters it, every 3,600 years. This planet was named by the #Sumerians as #Marduk, Mr Sitchen called it #Nibiru from the Sumerian tablets. Nibiru was/is inhabited by the Nephilim and is the 12th Planet of our solar system, (including our sun & moon) hence, the title of Mr. Sitchen`s first book from The Earth Chronicles. Each planet of our solar system is a celestial  god, according to the `#Babylonian #Epic of #Creation` and two  gods were first sent to the `#Cradle #of #Civilization` (modern day Iraq) to conquer because Nibiru`s planetary atmosphere was losing `internally generated heat … brought about by natural causes and nuclear wars` (Sitchin 2011:para.72). `The Nephilim, it appears, came to Earth for gold and its related metals` (Sitchin 1976: 326). ` Gold was needed to protect the `… planet thermally by creating a shield of particles in its upper atmosphere`(Sitchin 2011:para.72). `And the possibility should not be ruled out that they came to Earth searching for radioactive minerals such as plutonium and cobalt` (Sitchin 1976: 326).

Two sons, #Enlil and #Enki of the king of Nibiru, #Anu and his wife #Ninhersag, were first sent to Earth on a reconnaissance mission. Enlil ` … was Anu`s eldest son … and his name meant …  ‘lord of the airspace” [and he was] – the prototype of the later “Storm  gods” that were to head the pantheons of the ancient world` (Sitchin 1976: 95). `Enlil, according to Sumerian beliefs, arrived on Earth well before Earth became settled and civilized` (Sitchin 1976: 95). The Annunaki, however, are described in the ancient texts ` … as the rank and file gods who had been involved in the settlement of Earth – the gods who “performed the tasks”` (Sitchin 1976: 327). Incidentally, if you are, dear reader, familiar with English [editions] of the bible this may interest you; from ` … the Epic of Creation  … the ways of Earth to define from the Heavens  and on Earth` (Sitchin 1976: 327).

So, what has all this to do with slavery and the creation of modern man? Well,  `… The seven Great #Annunaki were making the lesser gods suffer the work` (Sitchin 1976: 332). `When the god like men bore the work and suffered the toil – the toil of the gods was great, the work was heavy, the distress was much` (Sitchin 1976: 330). Circa 1,100,000 years ago `the first primitive Man appeared; he was called Neanderthal after the site where his remains were first found` (Sitchin 2011:para.2).

What was it that after … millions of years of painfully slow human development in a one-two-three punch-circa 11,000-7400-3800 B.C.-transformed primitive nomadic hunters and food gatherers into farmers and pottery makers, and then into builders of cities, engineers, mathematicians, astronomers, metallurgists, merchants, musicians, judges, doctors, authors, librarians, and priests (Sitchin 2011:para.52)?

Today, cloning is a readily accepted reality; with ongoing debates over safety, ethics, and as to whether the human being could/should be cloned for a variety of reasons. But to answer the above question; ` the process that Ea [the chief Annunaki scientist] recommended in order to achieve a quick evolutionary advancement … was, we believe, genetic manipulation` (Sitchin 1976: 344).  The lesser Annunaki gods had had enough of the slavery. `… 144,000 Earth years, after their landing, the Annunaki protested. “No more!”` (Sitchin 1976: 340). So it was decided to create a species to take over the slave labour of the Annunaki. `The scholars have no explanation. But we do. The Sumerian and Babylonian texts do. The Old Testament does` (Sitchin 1976: 340).

`The Homonid of the genus Homo is a product of evolution. But Homo sapiens is the product of some sudden, revolutionary, event. He appeared inexplicably some 300,000 years ago, millions of years too soon` (Sitchin 1976: 340). A mutiny by the Annunaki was, apparently, the catalyst to the creation of the human being, Homo sapiens, in the same form we exist today.

To take a quantum leap from here, in an endeavour to illustrate something further to you, dear reader, is the story of  the Tower of Babel as it is told by the ancient Sumerians.  We`ll focus on this story for three main reasons. It outlines how easily mistranslations can occur; bringing into question much of what is recorded in the Old Testament; it is in fact a detailed description and without doubt, the first recorded UFO sightings; and, additionally, it corrects the probable mistranslation, and indeed the metaphor, of the story of Adam and the tree of forbidden fruit. `The book of Genesis, in its eleventh chapter, reports on the attempts by humans to raise up a shem (Sitchin 1976: 148). Some interesting facts about the noun “shem” are argued by Mr Sitchin as first acknowledged by G.M. Redslob.

`The persistence of biblical translators to employ the “name” wherever they encounter shem has ignored a farsighted study published more than a century ago by G.M. Redslob  … in which he correctly pointed out that the term shem and the term shamaim (“heaven”) stem from the root word shamah, [all original emphasis] meaning “that which is highward”` (Sitchin 1976: 148). Why would “the gods”, plural of course, be concerned with man making a name for himself? `The realization that … shem … should not be read as “name” but as sky vehicle” opens the way to the true meaning … including the biblical story of the Tower of Babel` (Sitchin 1976: 148). So, what is this really all about?

According to the Sumerian Epic, Mr Sitchin has found that “man” was attempting to build a craft so that he (we), too could travel across the lands and, perhaps, across the galaxy. `Mankind, presumably did not possess, at that time, the technology for such an aerospace project` (Sitchin 1976: 151). And why would it anger the gods so much that man was attempting to emulate them in building a craft of this nature? `The flying machines were meant for the gods and not for mankind` (Sitchin 1976: 151). By way of supporting evidence that the gods were so angered that man should acquire such knowledge and moreover, be prevented from doing so, the gods decided, `Come let us go down, and there confound their language; so that they may not understand each other`s speech` (Sitchin 1976: 149). IS099KF7ZTransform_to_Freedom_copy_copy-2

The Tsunami is Coming – April 11 Parliament Square – UNITED AGAINST CHILD ABUSE

It’s LONG overdue that these creatures hiding behind a self-serving oligarchy are exposed and expelled. The banishment is going to be on so many levels (dimensions) for this is as it must be. It will not be affective otherwise. I know you guys understand to what I’m referring. The war that is taking place on the lower 4th at this time is, apparently, reaching a climax. If you’re in or near London, you can help a lot by attending, if not just by consciously sending positive energies, you will be of great assistance. LightWorkers unite. For this is the only war that has ever been a just and worthy one. It is a war for the freedom of our souls.


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The Makings of a Slave…Race.   Elliot Sabino, April 5th, 2015

David Icke explains an observation that when a person`s system of belief; the entire construct they have been sold since first being able to make-out the moving pictures on the television screen is questioned, many people at the conscious, emotional and psychological levels clam-up, shut down; some even become verbally, or even physically violent. This author has indeed experienced the latter happen on many occasions when a person`s mental framework is being questioned, if not shattered.  For instance, one example states that when, after giving a presentation at a university, a very brief outline – due to time constraints – on some of the inconsistencies of the official version of the September 11 attacks, a sixty-five year old American went on the attack.

What Mr Icke, however, is getting at, above, is that our world, literally, has been so carefully and deliberately created and reinforced for us, (since before we were even born? Yes), that most people simply cannot deal with having this mental schema challenged. `We cannot see the New World Order if we do not believe it exists … ` (Bain 2012: 314). And of course the older one gets, the less likely it would seem that many people are to remain with a functioning sense of open mindedness, or critical thinking skills, particularly if they never developed any to begin with by attending educational institutions, such as they currently exist.

Anyone operating outside a very limited set of parameters, or discovering information that could save lives, or that can build an engine that costs nothing to run, MUST be discredited, ridiculed, humiliated and put out of business. And the mass media has been, progressively co-opted – hijacked – to serve exactly these purposes; with no questions asked. `I know why he [Adam Weishaupt] seems weary to me: trying to teach liberation to people who feel reconciled to their slavery can really grind you down` (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 54).

According to Jim #Marrs, in his brilliant book The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, Nick #Rockefeller once told Hollywood producer Aaron Russo that `the end game is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world’ (Marrs 2010: 40). Additionally, from an earlier work, `It appears that the “New Wold Order,” is really just the “Old World Order” packaged with modern advertising slickness – new names, new logos, and slogans` (Marrs 2008: 375).

We may do well to remember the words of President Franklin D. #Roosevelt, [even if he was a Shriner] who had to deal with a previous “New Wold Order.” In a 1940 address, he stated, ‘…it is not a government based upon the consent of the governed. It is not a union of ordinary, self-respecting men and women to protect themselves, and their freedom and their dignity from oppression. It is an unholy alliance of power and self to dominate and enslave the human race’ (Marrs 2008: 375).

`The Vision for 2020 document … [states that] … The globalization of the world economy … will continue with a widening between `haves` and `have-nots”` (Griffin 2004: 97). `The only book you`ve got to read is the Godfather. That`s the only one that tells how the world is really run` -Robert Calvi, President, Banco Ambrosiano; stretched, London, 18/6/1982; quoted by Gurwin & (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 51). Is it really the case that, ` … most people simply lack the ability to grasp who they`re dealing with (Bain 2012: 214)?

Where did this all begin, and for what purpose, and to serve whom? To provide you with some understanding of, and possibly an answer to, what has been the deepest philosophical question for millennia we must, the author feels, consult the work of one of the greatest scholars this planet has thus far known, who sadly, “went home” – you`ve been told it`s death – on the 9th of October 2010.

Zecharia #Sitchen was born in Russia in 1920 and raised in Palestine. He learned to speak, read, and write a dozen languages including Ancient Hebrew, Canaanite, Babylonian, Sumerian, Assyrian, early and late Greek, Cuneiform Script, Hieroglyphics, and others, including German and English. This brilliant man, and his colleagues set about digging beneath mounds, finding tablets and cylinder seals and other scribings from Ancient Mesopotamia; translating them and endeavouring to piece together the true story of the creation of – and reason for – the human species. In the words of Robert “Bob” Dean, `no-one ever argued with Zech, he would just lay the tablets out on a table and say “well, there it is.`”

A preface needs to be borrowed here, from #David #Icke, before embarking upon the undertaking that follows: ` the truth is so unbelievably bizarre that most people will simply refuse to believe it` (Icke 1999).

The idea that human beings are a slave race owned by an extraterrestrial society is not a new one. It was expressed thousands of years ago in mankind`s earliest recorded civilizations. The first of those civilizations was #Sumeria: a remarkably advanced civilization which arose in the Tigris-Euphrates River valley between 5000 and 4000 B.C., and flourished as a major civilization by 3500 B.C. (Bramley 1989: 36).

Statues for opera festival at Verona Arena, Italy