The Makings of a Slave…Race.   Elliot Sabino, April 5th, 2015

David Icke explains an observation that when a person`s system of belief; the entire construct they have been sold since first being able to make-out the moving pictures on the television screen is questioned, many people at the conscious, emotional and psychological levels clam-up, shut down; some even become verbally, or even physically violent. This author has indeed experienced the latter happen on many occasions when a person`s mental framework is being questioned, if not shattered.  For instance, one example states that when, after giving a presentation at a university, a very brief outline – due to time constraints – on some of the inconsistencies of the official version of the September 11 attacks, a sixty-five year old American went on the attack.

What Mr Icke, however, is getting at, above, is that our world, literally, has been so carefully and deliberately created and reinforced for us, (since before we were even born? Yes), that most people simply cannot deal with having this mental schema challenged. `We cannot see the New World Order if we do not believe it exists … ` (Bain 2012: 314). And of course the older one gets, the less likely it would seem that many people are to remain with a functioning sense of open mindedness, or critical thinking skills, particularly if they never developed any to begin with by attending educational institutions, such as they currently exist.

Anyone operating outside a very limited set of parameters, or discovering information that could save lives, or that can build an engine that costs nothing to run, MUST be discredited, ridiculed, humiliated and put out of business. And the mass media has been, progressively co-opted – hijacked – to serve exactly these purposes; with no questions asked. `I know why he [Adam Weishaupt] seems weary to me: trying to teach liberation to people who feel reconciled to their slavery can really grind you down` (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 54).

According to Jim #Marrs, in his brilliant book The Trillion Dollar Conspiracy, Nick #Rockefeller once told Hollywood producer Aaron Russo that `the end game is to get everybody chipped, to control the whole society, to have the bankers and the elite people control the world’ (Marrs 2010: 40). Additionally, from an earlier work, `It appears that the “New Wold Order,” is really just the “Old World Order” packaged with modern advertising slickness – new names, new logos, and slogans` (Marrs 2008: 375).

We may do well to remember the words of President Franklin D. #Roosevelt, [even if he was a Shriner] who had to deal with a previous “New Wold Order.” In a 1940 address, he stated, ‘…it is not a government based upon the consent of the governed. It is not a union of ordinary, self-respecting men and women to protect themselves, and their freedom and their dignity from oppression. It is an unholy alliance of power and self to dominate and enslave the human race’ (Marrs 2008: 375).

`The Vision for 2020 document … [states that] … The globalization of the world economy … will continue with a widening between `haves` and `have-nots”` (Griffin 2004: 97). `The only book you`ve got to read is the Godfather. That`s the only one that tells how the world is really run` -Robert Calvi, President, Banco Ambrosiano; stretched, London, 18/6/1982; quoted by Gurwin & (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 51). Is it really the case that, ` … most people simply lack the ability to grasp who they`re dealing with (Bain 2012: 214)?

Where did this all begin, and for what purpose, and to serve whom? To provide you with some understanding of, and possibly an answer to, what has been the deepest philosophical question for millennia we must, the author feels, consult the work of one of the greatest scholars this planet has thus far known, who sadly, “went home” – you`ve been told it`s death – on the 9th of October 2010.

Zecharia #Sitchen was born in Russia in 1920 and raised in Palestine. He learned to speak, read, and write a dozen languages including Ancient Hebrew, Canaanite, Babylonian, Sumerian, Assyrian, early and late Greek, Cuneiform Script, Hieroglyphics, and others, including German and English. This brilliant man, and his colleagues set about digging beneath mounds, finding tablets and cylinder seals and other scribings from Ancient Mesopotamia; translating them and endeavouring to piece together the true story of the creation of – and reason for – the human species. In the words of Robert “Bob” Dean, `no-one ever argued with Zech, he would just lay the tablets out on a table and say “well, there it is.`”

A preface needs to be borrowed here, from #David #Icke, before embarking upon the undertaking that follows: ` the truth is so unbelievably bizarre that most people will simply refuse to believe it` (Icke 1999).

The idea that human beings are a slave race owned by an extraterrestrial society is not a new one. It was expressed thousands of years ago in mankind`s earliest recorded civilizations. The first of those civilizations was #Sumeria: a remarkably advanced civilization which arose in the Tigris-Euphrates River valley between 5000 and 4000 B.C., and flourished as a major civilization by 3500 B.C. (Bramley 1989: 36).

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