Removing the Brotherhood’s Power Structure. Pt, 1. Posted by Elliot Sabino April 24th, 2015 images-7 If we remove ourselves from the “care, and absolute influence of the state:” child care for parents with no other choice than debt slavery, and compulsory education constructed to create Rockefeller`s `nations of workers, not thinkers,` parents could spend a lot more time with their children, affording them the time and the focus to know, with much more certainty, what exactly is going on in their child`s life; where they are, who is in physical and emotional contact with them; where they are spending most of their time; who is influencing their moral, critical-thinking and spiritual development? Doesn`t it make sense that to have more time, and “a lot less stress” that is created from the need to simply pay all the bills, that parents would then be in a much better  position to protect children from any number of abuses? Vote with your wallet. Don`t promote free trade agreements by buying crap made in #China by employees who are beaten and locked-up, working 18 hour days in #sweatshops; who are paid 3 cents per hour in order that a small group of people continue to get obscenely rich. Don`t buy junk-food. Go to Google, or YouTube, or your local library and search for Peter Cundall`s companion planting and crop rotation vegetable garden system, and similarly, anything on permaculture. The importance of growing your own food cannot be emphasised adequately for a whole host of reasons; not the least of which for avoiding #GMO #foods that are increasingly being foisted on the masses. Do you remember that statement cited by Mr. Fulford, “war just doesn`t do it, so we`re going to use diseases”? Demand that free-energy technology be allowed to all of us, and in the meantime get your own #free #energy device in your house, such as the Johnston motor cited above. If you have to pay an electrician to set it up for you, do it in the knowledge that for the first time ever his invoice will be a one-time only expense. Young girl lying on inflatable globeTransform_to_Freedom_copy_copy-2


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