Removing the Brotherhood`s Power Structure, Pt. 3. Posted by Elliot Sabino, May 6, 2015

depositphotos_46558999-Population-ageingProbably the most urgent issues to address with regards welfare are the aging population issue and the decreasing birth-date of most first-world countries. Let`s start with the aging population and why the Brotherhood via the control system does not want to return money that we have been paying into the tax system our whole working life, by way of paying us for our retirement, and what could possibly be done about it. Kerry Cassidy once said that “… retirement is not good for anyone.” This can be supported by the number of people whom, in the western world, at least, are experiencing Dementia within a few years of retirement. It is also supported by Pease and Pease who outline that many marriages end in divorce shortly after retirement. It is a good comment but, in the author`s opinion, it is dependent on one fundamental concept. Jim Marrs said it, in an interview where he talks about the evidence he has that 9/11 was an inside job. Here`s the author`s best recollection of the statement. “What would you do if you didn`t have to work?” Answer: “You would do that work which you enjoy the most; that work which you love doing.” And there it is, right there. If every household on this planet had an engine that runs on free energy (and they do exist) and you didn`t have to work 60 – 70 hours per week just to pay the bills; if you had a similar engine in your car; if you got rid of your mobile phone, you would have the resources if not the time to do that work which you enjoy most; or at least not have to work “five” days per week.

“Ah yeah, but if people didn`t have to work, they`d sit around and do nothing all day,” cried some ignorant baboon. Well, some people would, probably. And so long as “that” is not a burden on you (no longer paying 30 cents tax in the dollar) how does that hurt you? Secondly, people would realize pretty quickly that for mere survival – tending your vegetable garden, ensuring your safe clean, water supply, and ensuring you have adequate shelter from the elements – they are going to figure out pretty quickly that “every day” a fair levelof work is required to maintain a “free – or at least freer – lifestyle”.  depositphotos_55786571-Man-is-the-debtor-to-pay-the-loan.

“Sixty to seventy hours per week?” cried the same baboon, incredulously. Well, do the math, that`s what it equates to: With preparing for work, commuting, performing even mundane activities like personal grooming; sitting at the barber shop for two hours on a Saturday, because “everyone” has to work Monday to Friday, there`s usually not time to get it done in your lunch hour.  So, everyone is here on a Saturday trying to get it done. These things have to be done, in order that one can “appear” at work, and they have to be done in “your own time.” From the moment your alarm clock wakes you on a Monday morning, until the moment you have showered, eaten your dinner, and put your feet up, you are “at work.” Think about it. And this has all been so very deliberately created that it makes this author want to vomit all over the keyboard.

Families need to take responsibility for “every” member of their family. Someone wise once said something along the lines of, “be gentle with the aged, be patient with the young, and be compassionate with the sick, because one day you will have been all of these.” We must take responsibility for our families; for each other. Does anyone find it an obscene irony that the most impoverished nations of the world still understand this simple concept? Charity begins at home, and if you can`t rely on your family to care for you in your old-age, then perhaps you have not done a very good job in caring for them in their childhood. Doesn`t it just make sense that caring for and being responsible for each other at the familial level beats, hands-down, everybody in society paying for unrelated third parties to care for all of those in need within society, and perhaps doing a bloody poor job of it?

Imagine if we were allowed the means to have our freedom with regards to space (land – the TRUE wealth) to live and grow our food, catch our water, the knowledge – and the legal choice – to build our house out of ANY of the materials that grow wildly, or already exist, on any piece of property; the time to raise our children, and care for our mothers and grandmothers.  Imagine if humanity could evolve collectively, all at the same time, to realize that we are all one consciousness, and that we are immortal beings of infinite consciousness: That nothing ever dies; that there`s no such thing as death. Most of us have been here (Spaceship Earth) hundreds, if not thousands, of times before according to some sources, and every time we come back we have the “choice” to decide where, when and with whom we are going to undertake each 3rd dimensional physical experience.

Imagine if we evolved to the point where one of us could be happy with enough water, food, shelter, and love to survive on, residing next to the one of us who has a thousand acres of prime land to do the same thing on, and not want to kill him/her; not want to steal to have more than is needed; not thought to be seen as an “inferior being” for having less material assets. Imagine if we could evolve to the point where the one who has the thousand acres says `this is well more than I need, I will give most of it to others with less in order that all of us can enjoy life in abundance. But, hang on! Isn`t there a little philosophy that was created a couple of thousand years ago, that “purported” to outline just this very notion of freedom and happiness, while at the same time attempting to explain to us the creation of humanity? “Larry King once said, ` what do you think of Christianity, Fresco? I said, it`s a great idea, why aren`t they putting into practice?`” (14:05) So, forget religion. There is evidence everywhere proving that it is merely the control system. See Chapter 1, above, for a reminder of some of the type of “people” who are attracted to it. And in any event, who needs an outdated collection of fairy tales (at best) to dictate common sense to them?

There appears to be many very good reasons why #birthrates are falling through the floorboards across every nation of the Western World. Who can afford to have a child, even with both parents working? Who would want their child dumped straight into a daycare system; where infectious diseases run amok, particularly because your child is not even allowed to enter the buidepositphotos_45832101-Wooden-cot-with-bedding-2lding unless she`s had her immune system destroyed by vaccinations; being raised by a 19 year-old, overworked, minimum-wage (state-controlled) employee, immediately after birth because women now “have to work?” For more about this, please read Book I, chapter 5. Who would want to bring a child into this world when they are not given the opportunity to raise the child; where there is less and less job security to the tune that people cannot secure a loan for a house, let alone have the opportunity to ever “own” the thing, because more and more people are being reduced to “contract” – part-time, basically – positions in order that the company can increase profits in the time-honoured tradition of paying less, and giving less benefits, to the very people they depend upon to make their profits for them?

In 2007, the idiot – sorry, #Brotherhood agenda muppet – #John #Howard government started “buying birthrates.” Perhaps this even worked, up to a point, thus being the nature of wanton human ignorance. But is the promise of a thousand pieces of Fiat – delusional – currency that is backed by nothing; numbers on a computer screen, a reason to bring a child into this world? What are you going to do with a thousand bucks? How long is it going to last? And how are you going to pay for raising the child for the next 18 years, minimum? The thousand bucks is going to be long gone before the child is even born. Is it possible that the entire control system needs to be completely removed or at very least completely overhauled before a thinking person would want to bring a child into this world as it currently exists? And is it possible that declining birthrates the world over, are directly representative of this fact? But, then again, it`s all deliberate, isn`t it? Transform_to_Freedom_copy_copy-2


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