Considering going to Japan, You Deserve to Know This: Sex, Lies & Teaching in Japan. New Book by Elliot Sabino. May 17th, 2015

Well, I`ve finally published a book I`ve been meaning to
complete for some time now. And, as such, I have a
New Book Release, Promo` Happening Right Now.
You can check it out, here:

Essentially, you can get two very informative books for only $3.00 for the next 24 hours.transform2freebook3-3

There are several aspects to the focus of this latest work by Elliot Sabino. 1) To arm the reader with some do’s and don’ts if considering going to Japan as a teacher, or for any other reason. 2) It is an analysis of interpersonal relationships Japanese style. And 3) It is an examination of the nature of the Japanese character; how it seems to function, and what it’s motivations are, as is apparent from living and working among the Japanese, based on experiences of Western men.


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