The Future of an Illusion

Once, when still living in #Japan; walking to work with a colleague we saw a very old man, walking ahead of us. Through no real fault of his he was holding up our passage, rendering us unable to walk around him. My colleague got somewhat shirty, whereas I simply made an observation, and stated it: “There`s the future of an illusion, right there.”  My colleague questioned, “what do you mean?”

Well, “the illusion” is only one area of focus in Sex, Lies & Teaching in Japan. The #Ikeda deal, of the 1980`s resulted in the “Miracle Generation,” that saw a near global take-over of the World economy. I, however, personally think “the miracle” refers to the fact that any single one of them survived it. The deal was this: Every company in Japan would double the salary of every employee, in return for absolute obedience, commitment and loyalty to the company, as outlined in detail by Ian #Buruma, in his book Inventing Japan (2004). “The future” of that illusion is evidenced by the suicide rate in Japan: greater by far than any other nation on the planet, and a much higher percentage of men commit #suicide that do woman. The results of it can, also, be witnessed on any given day, in any city of Japan: Men, and women in a generic soldier`s uniform – black suit, white shirt, black shoes, conservative tie – as if cast from the same mold, worn out, bored, pasty-skinned, emotionless, personality-void robots. A most interesting thing about this “soldier/clone” is how it is seemingly removing “gender.” It seemed to be become increasingly difficult for me to differentiate between gender, the longer I stayed during my self-funded tenure in Japan. “The future” of the illusion however, is perhaps most evident in the picture posted below.

Drunk Sleepingtransform2freebook3-3elliot_kindle_cover

I learnt much from my experience of teaching in Japan. And I share it with you in Sex, Lies & Teaching in Japan: Kindle Edition Available, Free, on Amazon, until May 30th, here:

Posted by E. Sabino May 29th, 2015.


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