Collective Consciousness, the Source Field, the Dream State & Telepathy.

I`d like to relate one experience, of direct evidence of collective consciousness, the Source Field, probable telepathy, and possibly shared-dream experience.


The story starts out simply enough, only to inform you at this stage that, I was nineteen years of age and was sleeping alone. I had a digital clock in my bedroom, the type with large glaring numbers that can be seen, obtrusively even, in the dark. I was asleep, and I suddenly began to see a deep darkness; I mean “blackness”. And then I “experienced” rather than heard, this immense “BOOM!” I say `experienced` because I felt it to the very core of my existence while, seeing this blackness; I mean an all encompassing, profound, “deep” blackness. I was awake instantly, off the bed, looking around to see what had happened and where I was, yet still somewhat in that semiconscious sleep state. I read the glaring numbers of the digital clock in my room that read 3:56 am….

Read Remainder of Story 290 words.



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