Eva Perone. Don`t Cry for Me, Argentina. Mind-Control Salve: Presidential Model.

“…and as for fortune, and as for fame. I never invited them in. [Eva Perone was one of the first “Presidential Models,” Mind-Control Slaves]. Though, it seems to the world they were all I desired, they are illusions; they`re not the solutions they promised to be. [She was only ever being used] The answer was here [within; hidden, buried] all the time. I love you, and hope you love me” (Evita, Loyd-Webber 1976). How did Loyd-Webber know about this, and why did he give it to the world, if cryptically, with this, musical? Elliot Sabino for, www.transformtofreedom.com



Hidden Cancer Cures. They Do NOT Want Us To Know This.

The Winged Orb, and the Reptiles. Directly Representing the Nephilum, who control the Medical "Industry."
The Winged Orb, and the Reptiles. Directly Representing the Nephilum, Who Control the Medical “Industry,” Think They Control US!


The story of Royal Raymond Rife is only one of the saddest tragedies and deliberate suppressions of life saving technology the reader may encounter in this chapter. `In 1934, he took part in trials at the University of Southern California, which resulted in a success rate of curing all forms of cancer of over 90 percent` (Cooper 2001: 76).  Mr Rife was conducting experiments, in the 1930s, with a device he created in the 1920s; “the Universal Prismatic Microscope” in curing cancer and other diseases using radio wave frequencies.  Because ` every bio-chemical compound, including single-celled organisms, oscillate with a unique frequency vibration …When the amplitude, or resonance, of the frequency is intensified, it can be shattered and destroyed` (Marrs 2010: 127).

The microscope that Mr Rife invented contained `specially ground quartz prisms in an elongated tube … [he could amplify] … live specimens up to sixty thousand times … [and with it, Mr Rife] … became the first human to see and photograph live viruses and to note that they evolved and changed forms just as other organisms` (ibid).

By 1934, Rife had isolated a virus that incited cancer cells and stopped it by bombarding it with radio frequencies. He was successful in killing both carcinoma and sarcoma cancers in more than four hundred tests on animals and in using his frequencies to cure sixteen cancer patients diagnosed as terminal by conventional medicine (Marrs 2010: 128).

His best microscope had a magnification of 30,000X…. The problem was, that in the scientific field it was well known that the most powerful non electronic only had a 2,500X power. The theory of light prohibits anything more powerful, because, theoretically, light waves cannot be amplified any more (Humble 2006: 249).

Primrose Copper, in her book  the Healing Power of Light, offers supporting and additional information.

[The] microscope which illuminated specimens with polarised light … [,] showed that each micro-organism had its own unique colour … each organism had its own resonant frequency, and he developed a device called the Rife Beam Ray, which produced an electro-magnetic field tuned to this frequency (2001: 76).

Rife built many remarkable microscopes over his lifetime, each better than the one before. His microscopes were duplicated and some still exist to this day. They were so powerful that they revealed the viruses that cause cancer. The microscopes used several different light sources of different frequencies, following the heterodyne principle of light frequency, whereby one frequency is converted to another. This principal has been used in radio frequencies for many years and is still used today… (Humble 2006: 249).

In 1944, the Smithsonian Institute recognized Mr Rife in `stating [that] “under the Universal Prismatic Microscope, disease organisms such as those of cancer and other diseases … may be observed to succumb when exposed to lethal frequencies…”(Marrs 2010: 127). Big  pharmaceutical companies, however, are “not” interested in curing cancer and other diseases [particularly viruses, it would seem], but in making billions of dollars in drug sale profits, while merely maintaining illnesses in order to keep sales up, and shareholders happy.

`Soon enough, the established medical community realized that this device [the Universal Prismatic Microscope] not only would wreck the pharmaceutical industry, but damage medical practices in general. Cures meant fewer visits to the doctor` (Marrs 2010: 128).

`Conflict broke out between those persons who had seen viruses changing into different forms and those who had not …. Dr Thomas Rivers of the Rockefeller Institute, who had not even seen Rife`s equipment…claimed evolved forms of viruses did not exist …“Because his microscope did not reveal them…”’(Marrs 2010: 128).

`Science is a maw, or a headless and limbless stomach, an amoeba-like gut that maintains itself by incorporating the assimilable and rejecting the indigestible. By science, I mean conventionalization of alleged knowledge` (Fort 1941: 628).

`Even modern electron microscopes show frozen images of viruses, not the life cycle of viruses in the process` (Rense cited in Marrs 2010: 128). The  result was that Mr Rife`s test procedures were tampered with to the extent that his demonstrations would fail, doctors were forbidden to use his device by the health authorities, `… a laboratory built to study the Ray, mysteriously burned to the ground … ` (Cooper 2001: 76). `There was no reason why he should not have pursued this research, but his microscopes were destroyed and his books and plans were burned by the FDA` (Humble 2006: 250). He was inundated with a mountain of law suits, his apartment was ransacked ….` [he eventually] `… died a broken man in 1971` (Marrs 2010: 129-130). `Despite this, literally hundreds of doctors used Rife`s microscopes to identify and verify cancer` (Humble 2006: 259). … [His] device is only available today as a costly research instrument employed by only a few doctors and private citizens` (Marrs 2010: 129-130).

You may not believe it, but for years, the U.S. FDA has been suppressing all real cancer cures, as well as information concerning how vitamins prevent heart attacks and all other information regarding products that may reduce the income of the large pharmaceutical companies…. Please don`t take my word for it, become informed.  They have put authors in jail and told them they will only withdraw the accusation if the author will withdraw his claims. …MMS [Miracle Mineral Supplement] is one more medical fact that they will try to suppress. Try it so that you know that it works (Humble 2006:117).

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The Origins of the Media Manipulators: Ancient Magicians, Still Among Us.

This is from where the word “Media” derives. The “Mede Civilization.” You may want to read these couple of paragraphs as these are the “Magicians” who control the symbolism and images that are used to manipulate the sheeple on a daily basis. ‘The Greek word is attested from the 5th century BC as a direct loan from Old Persian maguš. The Persian word is a u-stem adjective from an Indo-Iranian root *magh “powerful, rich” also continued in Sanskrit magha “gift, wealth”, magha-vant “generous” (a name of Indra). Avestan has maga, magauuan, probably with the meanings “sacrifice” and “sacrificer”.
The Indo-European root appears to have expressed power or ability, continued e.g. in Greek mekhos (see mechanics) and in Germanic magan (English may), magts (English might, the expression “might and magic” thus being a figura etymologica). The original significance of the name for the Median priests thus seems to have been “the powerful”. Modern Persian Mobed is derived from an Old Persian compound magu-pati “lord priest”.
The plural Magi entered the English language in ca. 1200, referring to the Magi mentioned in Matthew 2:1, the singular being attested only considerably later, in the late 14th century, when it was loaned from Old French in the meaning magician together with magic.
In Persian, Magi is meguceen, meaning “Fire Worshipper.” Its the origin of the word magician.
The term mag, may also come from the Hebrew magdal, meaning “tower.” The Magi would then be the “men of the tower” or “towers.” The towers refer to the pyramids of Egypt. In the Nativity story, the Magi were said to have come from Egypt….’ .

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Chosen One, Manchurian Candidate. Trauma Based Mind Control Techniques. MK-Ultra. Messiah Training.



Multiple Personal Disorder (MPD) TRIGGER-WORD Warning, for Survivors. 

Cathy O`Brien testifies in her book, that then White House Chief of Staff Dick Cheney viciously sexually abused her on many occasions; broke her jaw one evening in order that she then perform oral sex on him, (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 131) and that Cheney brutally raped her in the bowels of the White House – Cheney`s “Bunkhouse” – many times one night, while heavily under the influence of cocaine and alcohol, resulting in her bleeding internally – and externally – and collapsing upon attempting to walk (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 132). 

Ms. O`Brien has also recalled the memories – with the help of Mark Phillips – as to the electro-shock tortures and sodomies committed upon her daughter Kelly; beginning at the age of three and half years, by then Vice President George Herbert Walker Bush. 

Kelly became violently ill after her induction into George Bush`s “Neighborhood” [a sick twist on Kelly`s favourite kids` TV show] and from every sexual encounter she had with him thereafter. She ran 104-6 degree temperatures, vomited and endured immobilizing headaches for an average of three days. Kelly often complained of severe kidney pain, and her rectum usually bled for a day or two after he sexually abused her. My own mind-control victimization rendered me unable to help or protect her. Seeing my child in such horrible condition drove my own wedge of insanity in deeper, perpetuating my total inability to affect her needs, until our rescue by Mark Phillips in 1988(Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 158).

[Alleged, by many witnesses, child rapist and Grand Larcenist Larry] King acquired contacts in Washington`s homosexual prostitution scene, one of whom was the late Craig Spence. A lobbyist and political operative, Spence maintained a call boy ring that catered to the political elite and, unlike most call boy rings offered children to its clients…. Spence`s activities made banner headlines in the Washington Times on June 29, 1989: “Homosexual prostitution inquiry ensnares VIPs with Reagan, Bush.” Spence`s access was so good that he could arrange nighttime tours of the White House for his clients. The Times added on August 9, 1989, that Spence “hinted the tours were arranged by `top level` persons, including Donald Gregg, national security advisor to Vice President Bush ….” Spence according to friends, was also carrying out homosexual blackmail operations for the CIA (DeCamp 1999: 169).    

If the above does not offer enough supporting evidence, the author has witnessed much video testimony from Cathy O`Brien dating as far back as 1990, all of it being still available on YouTube; like this one for example, and some of it being supported by interviewees of Project Camelot. She has never changed her story and the author feels that Cathy O`Brien has no reason to lie or fabricate a story of this nature, and to continue telling it for three decades. Due, however, to the “status” of those named above, the author suggests that the reader do their own research and consequently make their own decisions. John W. DeCamp, in his book The Franklin Cover Up, exposes information and names that add weight and evidence to the truth of Cathy O`Brien`s story; as does the book The Ultimate Evil by author Maury Terry. Both books are referenced in the bibliography, below.  

“Oh, Oh It`s Magic, When I`m with You.” Cars 1984.

“I shall not commit the fashionable stupidity of regarding everything I cannot explain as a fraud.”  Carl Jung


Cathy O`Brien was horrendously sexually, emotionally, and physically abused, and initiated by a local – but CIA – priest to become a government prostitute, “Presidential Model” mind-controlled slave to run messages; to perform sexual services on behalf of important individuals for a number of reasons; and later assisting in running drugs, between governments and countries (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 121). `The only war on drugs I ever saw was that launched by the CIA against its competition` (ibid: 122).

On August 18-20, 1996, a California newspaper, the San Jose Mercury, published a series of articles implicating elements of the U.S. government in running tons of cocaine into U.S. cities during the 1980s. Based upon recently declassified government documents, eye witness reports, and court records, Mercury reporter Gary Webb provided a detailed account of how the Contras financed their wars against the Sandinister regime of Nicaragua by flying tons of cocaine into the West Coast, where it would be turned into the deadly, instantly addictive “crack,” and sold to such street gangs as the Cryps and the Bloods (DeCamp 1996: 320).

All of this began after the U.S. Congress in the early 1980s passed the Boland Amendment, which stopped all official financing for U.S. Intelligence`s “covert war” in Nicaragua. The whole project was taken “off-line,” and financed by drug sales …. (ibid: 320).

The focus of this book is not to relate Cathy O`Brien`s and Paul Bonacci`sincredibly sad story but an attempt to expose the existence of mind-control; to re-expose some of the perpetrators; and an attempt to prove their connections with those Brotherhood factions that are controlling this planet at the very highest levels, illustrating that they do not have our interests at heart, but are members of the controlling faction with the agenda of keeping us enslaved. In Trance Formation of America, Cathy O`Brien names as her abusers:

Then Michigan State Senator VanderJagt

Soon to be president Gerald Ford

U.S Senator Arlen Spector

Robert C. Byrd, Brutal Sadist.

Kris Kristopherson ` … almost choked me to death with his penis which only hightened his sexual gratification.`

Lt. Col. Michael Aquino [Notorioussatanist and highly involved in the Phoenix Program in Vietnam and many other military installations, including Pine Gap, now deceased.] 

Governor Dick Thornburgh

Congressman Jim Trafficant

Lamar Alexander

Mayor Richard Fulton

Bill Casey of “World Vision” and mind-control program of the Haitian people.

Hillary Clinton, with Bill close by.  

President Ronald Reagan and many, many others:

“Friends” in high places, indeed. And there are two, additional (main) offenders of which deserve particular attention at this point:  under the Reagan Administration; White House Chief of Staff Dick Cheney and Vice President George H.W. Bush.

Fragile Minds – and Already Abused Children Are Who They Target

Among the most disgusting crimes against humanity outlined in Trance Formation of America, is that certain agencies of governments deliberately seek out children who are victims of such abuse, due to the fact that their fragile minds have already been shattered and, as such, make highly suitable candidates for “off-the-books, black operations” such as Project Ibis; the notorious MK-Ultra Program, and a project closely affiliated with it, Project Monarch, in England.

Governmental researchers knew about the photographic memory aspect of MPD/DID as well as other, resultant “super human” characteristics. Visual acuity of an MPD/DID is 44 times greater than that of the average person. My developed, unusually high pain threshold, plus compartmentalization of my memories were “necessary” for military and covert operations applications (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 83).

Cathy O`Brien talks of her earliest memory of trying to clear her throat of her father`s semen in order that she could breath and of how he would boast that he substituted his wife`s nipple for his penis; and that of his brothers and friends. Earl O`Brien – her father for lack of a much more appropriate noun – engaged in the filming of Cathy, and her brothers and sisters, being abused in this way and then began to engage her/them in bestiality films, to be sold for lucrative profits for the mafia (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 81 – 82).

The bestiality films were eventually intercepted being sent through the U.S. mail. The result of this was, according to Cathy O`Brien, the arrival of President Gerald Ford on her doorstep to make “arrangements” with her father Earl, in order that Earl would be immune from prosecution and Cathy would enter certain government programs. Cathy O`Brien was soon to enter `… a #U.S. #Government Defense Intelligence Agency TOP SECRET Project…This was Project Monarch… a mind-control operation which was “recruiting” multigenerational incest abused children with Multiple Personality Disorder for its genetic mind-control studies emphasis in original (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 82). 

… [D]rugs are not the deepest level of government-sponsored evil. I [John DeCamp] think the lowest level of Hell is reserved for those who conjured up and carried out the “Monarch Project.” “Monarch” refers to young people in America who were victims of mind control experiments run either by U.S. government agencies such as the Central Intelligence Agency, or military intelligence agencies. The story told by Monarch victims – one of whom is Paul Bonacci – is that they were tortured for the purpose of creating “multiple personalities” within them. These multiple personalities could then be programmed as desired – as spies, “drug mules,” or assassins italics in original (DeCamp 1996: 323).  

Earl O`Brien was taken to Boston to attend `… a two week course at #Harvard on how to raise me for this off-shoot of the MK-Ultra Project Monarch` (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 83). After returning from this course, he would not allow Cathy to watch television except for Disneyclassics, such as, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, andthe Wizard of Oz, which would all serve as key themes to bury instructions deep within fractured compartments of a fractured mind; different themes or keys [triggers] for different tasks or instructions (Phillips & O`Brien 1995:85). 

Paul Bonacci is one of many other victims of Project Monarch, who is featured and provides valuable testimony, in John DeCamps’  book,  the Franklin Cover-Up. A victim of horrific sexual abuse and torture since the age of six, and toured all over and outside of the United States to be sexually used and abused by hundreds of individuals, some at the highest levels of politics, Paul Bonacci describes many aspects of the MPD desired by “handlers” that are installed in the most successful of “candidates” – Chosen Ones. Here is just one: 

GAMMAR, system deception, amnesia and disinformation programs. Under this or other codes are track-covering false origins for the structure, giving the child memories of tormentors dressed as space aliens, or Mickey Mouse or in Wizard of Oz costumes (DeCamp 1996: 329).

`This programming was appealing and useful to perverse politicians who believed they could hide their actions deep within my memory compartments, which clinicians refer to as personalities` (Phillips & O`Brien 1995: 83).

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