The Origins of the Media Manipulators: Ancient Magicians, Still Among Us.

This is from where the word “Media” derives. The “Mede Civilization.” You may want to read these couple of paragraphs as these are the “Magicians” who control the symbolism and images that are used to manipulate the sheeple on a daily basis. ‘The Greek word is attested from the 5th century BC as a direct loan from Old Persian maguš. The Persian word is a u-stem adjective from an Indo-Iranian root *magh “powerful, rich” also continued in Sanskrit magha “gift, wealth”, magha-vant “generous” (a name of Indra). Avestan has maga, magauuan, probably with the meanings “sacrifice” and “sacrificer”.
The Indo-European root appears to have expressed power or ability, continued e.g. in Greek mekhos (see mechanics) and in Germanic magan (English may), magts (English might, the expression “might and magic” thus being a figura etymologica). The original significance of the name for the Median priests thus seems to have been “the powerful”. Modern Persian Mobed is derived from an Old Persian compound magu-pati “lord priest”.
The plural Magi entered the English language in ca. 1200, referring to the Magi mentioned in Matthew 2:1, the singular being attested only considerably later, in the late 14th century, when it was loaned from Old French in the meaning magician together with magic.
In Persian, Magi is meguceen, meaning “Fire Worshipper.” Its the origin of the word magician.
The term mag, may also come from the Hebrew magdal, meaning “tower.” The Magi would then be the “men of the tower” or “towers.” The towers refer to the pyramids of Egypt. In the Nativity story, the Magi were said to have come from Egypt….’ .

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posted by E. Sabino July 18th, 2015


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