Do you know why Big Pharma are Immune from Prosecution?

imageIn 1982, Merck, Wyeth, Lederle, & Connaught blackmailed Congress stating, they would no longer sell vaccines, ‘…unless a law was passed giving them total immunity from prosecution’ ( Big Pharma knew they we in serious trouble when the ‘…DPT shot was causing brain inflammation and death in many children’ (ibid). ‘The live oral polio vaccine was crippling children and adults…and Americans were filing lawsuits to hold drug companies responsible for the safety of their products’ (ibid). As a result Big Pharma cannot be prosecuted for the crimes against humanity, but … The school can be; the doctor, who administered the vaccine can be. Sue them, people; until no school or doctor will touch a vaccine! We must STOP this (essentially rape) of the world’s children.


Tibetans Used Coherence of Sound to Levitate Gigantic Rocks. How the Pyramids Were Built?

imageDr. Jarl was the first westerner to witness ` … the Tibetans using sound to levitate gigantic stones …. ‘Obviously, the power of the drums, trumpets, and chanting is not enough to cause an object [or person] to levitate by any conventional means – but if they were creating the right coherence they could resonate atoms inside the rock, [or body] over the light-speed boundary. They [the atoms] then enter into time-space, and provide thrust as they get pushed on by the levity force. If you touched the rock during this time it would have almost certainly become spongy, since as many as half the molecules are no longer in our reality’ (Wilcock 2011: 296).

Dr. Mallove was Murdered, because he could give free energy to the world.


‘We were about to make a stunning announcement: Hoagland and Mallove were going to visit Washington D.C., the following week and bring along a working, table top free-energy device` “I knew such things were theoretically possible from the Source Field investigations I had been doing already.” “Less than twenty-four hours before we were about to go live on the air, Dr. Mallove was bludgeoned to death outside his parents` home”‘ (Wilcock 2011: 25).

Queen Admits Hand in Diana’s Murder!

According to Baxter Dmitri, during her Christmas Message, 2015, BBC senior production staff, and palace advisors, scrambled to kill the grab, and sent junior staff on an early lunch, as Queen Elizabeth II expressed regret that the, “Royal Family did what was necessary to ensure their survival”: According to the same article, the Queen warned of “malevolent forces…stronger than her own, stalking across Europe…”, and that we should “enjoy [our] final Christmas”. If anyone has more info’ please share. I’ll keep looking for a leaked video of this admission. image

FDA Has Suppressed Cancer Cures, for years.

imageI’m Jim Humble, and “…I`m sure you must be thinking that with such an amazing cure philanthropists like Oprah Winfrey and Bill Gates would be standing in line to carry out my mission, but that is not the case. It took a while to get it all figured out, but I finally realized it is all based on money…”
“…for years, the U.S. FDA has been suppressing all real cancer cures, as well as information concerning how vitamins prevent heart attacks and all other information regarding products that may reduce the income of the large pharmaceutical companies….” (Humble 2006: 117).

Dr. Royal Raymond Rife. Big’ Pharma’ never wanted you to know about me!

image“By 1934, Rife had isolated a virus that incited cancer cells and stopped it by bombarding it with radio frequencies. He was successful in killing both carcinoma and sarcoma cancers in more than four hundred tests on animals and in using his frequencies to cure sixteen cancer patients diagnosed as terminal by conventional medicine (Marrs 2010: 128).”
Excerpt From: Sabino, Elliot. “Transform to Freedom Book II.” iBooks.
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Do you know who I was? Hint 1: I’m sitting with my Universal Prismatic Microscope.

imageHint 2: In trials – with 16 cancer patients – I had an 86% cure rate, in 1934, at the University of Southern California.
Hint 3: For my success, I was professionally assassinated. My lab’ was burnt down, and my research was stolen.
Rather than SAY HIS NAME, I’m requesting that people give more hints; in this way offering this knowledge, and information to the public by way of remembering this brilliant man, and his contribution to us all, that would have majorly contributed to making Big’ Pharma’ redundant.

Poisoning your children, and destroying their Immune System is no longer a choice for Australians.

It was on “my watch” that the Social Services Amendment (no jab-no pay) Bill, 2015 was passed into Legislation by the Federal Government. Could this be because I own shares in Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, and my wife Lucy is the Chair of Prima BioMed Ltd. which is a biotechnology company that develops immunotherapeutic products for the treatment of cancer? I also own shares in 3G Capital, located in The Cayman Islands, (because there is no information on what it holds). The supreme irony of Sabino’s post; I also own shares in FaceBook, ha ha! How do you like me now? http://www.transformtofreedom.comimage

Apollo 11 went to the moon, and back, and my arse can play the Brandenburg Concertos.

imageIf you believe that 3 men, in a tin can, and motorbike helmets, could survive the Van-Allen Radiation Belts, (starting 300 miles from the Earth’s surface) you’ve got some serious reading to do. In that craft, and at those speeds, they would have been vomiting, and shitting, blood within 3 minutes, and dead within 7 minutes. NASA = Now Another Secret Agenda.