An Iceberg Did Not Sink Titanic, & it Was No Accident.

imageThis ship was actually Olympic, not Titanic, the first of three ships of the White Star Line. The incompetence of its Captain, saw it involved in 3 major accidents, the 3rd resulting in a massive debt owed to the British Royal Navy.  “This would have meant the end of, not only White Star, but Harland and Wolff as well;` unless someone could pull a very sneaky, and murderous rabbit out of a hat, that could serve to solve several problems at once: to be reimbursed from an insurance fraud, the costs of repairs to a ship – let alone the initial outlay of building the thing which is now basically worthless; to be reimbursed, from insurance, that money of which is now owed, thanks to captain Smith, to the Royal Navy; and to rid J.P. Morgan, and his partners in crime, of some powerful adversaries to the Federal Reserve Banking system of which they were plotting to have rushed through Congress,

“ …by the Chairmen of the House Banking and Currency Committee, Virginia`s Carter Glass …” late at night on December 23rd 1913, when most members had already left for the holidays. A very interesting statement is cited by Virginia Cowles, in her book, the Rothschilds: a Family of Fortune. Lord Nathaniel Rothschild refused to allow his Alliance Assurance Company to insure Titanic, stating only, that it seemed `too big to float.` `People whispered that Lord Rothschilds was losing his flare … for[…]”

Excerpt From: Sabino, Elliot. “Transform to Freedom Book 1.” iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.


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