Know why they never caught Jack the Ripper?


Melvyn Fairclough in conjunction with Joseph Sickert — the latter being the great, great grandson of Queen Victoria, by blood — has surely proven that Jack the Ripper was in fact at least six Freemasons from Alfa Lodge No: 16, all affiliated with the British Royal Family; some of them members of it. The Ripper and the Royals is a brilliant piece of investigative work the likes of which has never before been undertaken by any author — or anyone — with regards the Ripper Case, possibly because Scotland Yard did its utmost to destroy all the evidence from the case, and the British Royal family did its utmost to conceal all the events surrounding it and to murder surviving members of their own family who were conceived on “the wrong side of the sheets.” The reader is strongly recommended to buy a copy of Melyn Fairclough`s book and enjoy the ride. The story, very much in brief, goes like this.

Prince Albert Victor (Eddy), The Duke of Clarence, was born the son of Princess Alexandra, grandson of Queen Victoria, on January 8th, 1864.  He was christened Albert Victor Christian Edward, `at the insistence of Queen Victoria` he was the heir apparent to the throne of England.  He was born with the condition of otosclerosis he was to remain largely deaf all his life. Undereducated and with no real passion for knowledge — or for anything in life, really — Prince Eddy seemed to stumble through life with little enthusiasm for it; or for finding a place to reside within life. This could easily have been a result of Queen Victoria`s insistence that Eddy was — from a very young age — a dullard and a slow child (Fairclough 1991: 126). Sooner or later, many of us become a product of our environment.

After graduating from Trinity College, Eddy stumbled through life and London rather aimlessly looking for a place to fit in. He turned to the arts to some extent, acquiring an interest in painting — or at least in those who paint. He found himself residing in the house of artist Walter Richard Sickert at number 15 Cleveland  Street, in London`s East End, which is where the Jack the Ripper story begins. At number 19, Cleveland  Street was a brothel, or initially, a house that became known to police as entertaining homosexual relationships, particularly that of which between one Charles Hammond and one Henry Newlove. Frederic George Abberline — Scotland Yard`s chief inspector who would later run the Ripper Case, was given the task of raiding 19 Cleveland street and arresting those within it for buggery. This he did (ibid).

Upon questioning, Henry Newlove and Charles Hammond testified to the frequent presence of Lord Somerset and a colonel Jervois, so something had to be done — or more importantly “not” done. The police watched the house for several days, apparently so that Hammond could remove all of his belongings and safely make his escape to France, and this affair was very hushed-up in no short manner, especially when it was learned that Eddy, the future king of England was also a known visitor to this house. Mr Fairclough emphasizes that no clear evidence has been uncovered that Eddy was homosexual, or bi-sexual, and that his deafness could possibly have allowed him to be manipulated into all sorts of situations of which he may not have fully understood the nature (Fairclough 1991: 126).

Directly across the street from number 22 Cleveland Street, was a confectionary store and a woman by the name of Annie Elizabeth Crook worked there, in between surviving as a prostitute. Eddy, according to Joseph Sickert and others, developed a relationship with Annie Elizabeth Crook that led to love and a baby — by the name of Alice Margaret Crook. Another, notorious, visitor to 19 Cleveland Street, was a man known only as Veck. A postal worker who apparently was also a chaplain at St. Saviours Chapel in Maple Street: a small chapel in which he — Veck — probably, married Eddy VIII and Annie Crook, at least there exists evidence that he was in attendance. So, what`s wrong with that? Well, the future king of England had just committed three unspeakable crimes: He had…(ibid).

From here the story get`s very interesting, indeed…

Posted, June 3rd, 2016 by Elliot Sabino.

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