Tibetans Used Coherence of Sound to Levitate Gigantic Rocks. How the Pyramids Were Built?

imageDr. Jarl was the first westerner to witness ` … the Tibetans using sound to levitate gigantic stones …. ‘Obviously, the power of the drums, trumpets, and chanting is not enough to cause an object [or person] to levitate by any conventional means – but if they were creating the right coherence they could resonate atoms inside the rock, [or body] over the light-speed boundary. They [the atoms] then enter into time-space, and provide thrust as they get pushed on by the levity force. If you touched the rock during this time it would have almost certainly become spongy, since as many as half the molecules are no longer in our reality’ (Wilcock 2011: 296). http://www.transformtofreedom.com


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