Do you know why Big Pharma are Immune from Prosecution?

imageIn 1982, Merck, Wyeth, Lederle, & Connaught blackmailed Congress stating, they would no longer sell vaccines, ‘…unless a law was passed giving them total immunity from prosecution’ ( Big Pharma knew they we in serious trouble when the ‘…DPT shot was causing brain inflammation and death in many children’ (ibid). ‘The live oral polio vaccine was crippling children and adults…and Americans were filing lawsuits to hold drug companies responsible for the safety of their products’ (ibid). As a result Big Pharma cannot be prosecuted for the crimes against humanity, but … The school can be; the doctor, who administered the vaccine can be. Sue them, people; until no school or doctor will touch a vaccine! We must STOP this (essentially rape) of the world’s children.


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