Is it the End Times, or The Beginning Times?

imageThis is just a rave I got involved in. I thought I’d share it here if anyone wants to comment, support, add to, or contradict any of it:
In talking of the “End Times”, I feel it is actually a positive thing. Yes, I too get very frustrated – and yes, Alan Bowdren, and Ken James, I attend parties and just can’t “fake it”. More than one person has told me, “people just can’t handle you” lol 😀. I see the banality of their wanton ignorance; I see how they are so cosy in the little self-delusion that has, ironically, been achieved in the collective; I see how materialistic, vain, and selfish people are, and how so many are so blind to their essential elements of “self” that it literally sickens me; I see how the majority of the sheeple are so completely removed from their “true self”: it’s connection with anything spiritual, and utterly dettached from nature, also. Returning to the “End Times” I now think I have a better understanding of James’ meaning when he mentions “perceptions”. The End Times that are coming are the “end” for those of the very worst manipulators and controllers – that we all (here) know about – and also the end times of this comatose state of majority ill-consciousness. There are those that speak of the “Shift” to New Earth, and this resonates with perhaps the highest frequencies, for I. For the very worst Cabalists, they will not be going, as their energies are too dense, too low frequency, too negative. And for the sheeple, they won’t be going either. They’ll live out this life – and how ever many other lives – in this dimension, until they begin to awaken to the reality that we are all one consciousness, in complete connection with Source and everything else in the plural Universes, and as such every action has a RE-action, and for every neglect, a price to be paid. And there are those whom argue, this is not even such a bad thing, because “there’s no such as death, life is only a dream “perceptions, again”, and we are the imagination of ourselves” (Hicks cited probably Einstein).


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