Who is Technology Really Benefitting?

imageUp until September 2001 a person had to be arrested and then “charged” with an alleged offence, before being fingerprinted in a police station? Today, all you have to do is want to go on a holiday in order to hand over “everything” – all your personal information including your “fingerprints” to InterPol. Yes, InterPol. And now, they are “selling” it – the breech of your most basic rights to privacy – as the latest gadgetry. As a point of interest, have you ever noticed the logo for Apple Computers Inc.? It`s a mortar board and set-square. Symbolizing brick – or stone – layers, it is one of Freemasonry`s longest remaining logos (sigil?) And students graduating from universities wear this exact logo on their “heads” at their graduation – initiation? – “ceremony”.
On the other hand, not just secret societies but secrecy itself or even privacy seem increasingly impossible under the reign of George III [Obama]. They have hidden cameras everywhere. They bug our phones. If they want to, they can “read” every keystroke on my computer including this one: >>. They can pry into the contents of our bladders, in random tests explicitly forbidden by that wonderful, moribund Constitution. Sweet grieving Jesus, there`s no place we can escape or hide or feel alone, is there? … Maybe the most paranoid fantasies about the Illuminati contain some truth … maybe … (Wilson cited in Parfrey & Thomas 2008: 54).

`Just like spies did in olden days, put microphones and tape what people were saying, now they`re using computers to do it` (The Internet`s Own Boy, Documentary 1:09:57).


Excerpt From: Sabino, Elliot. “Transform to Freedom Book II.” iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.


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