The Truth about Those whom from Heaven Came to Earth.


The true story of the Biblical Fable, the “Tower of Babel”, is one of the most deliberate falsifications, that has had profound effects on humanity. How many language teachers, for example, are aware of this, and how much effect it has had on their existence?

This is my reply to a guy who stated, “these are our grandfathers, shouldn’t we respect them”? Another Lightworker – Joan – joined the conversation, also. Thanks, people, for being upon-minded enough to at least have acquired some knowledge of their existence. But these “forefathers” of ours, actually created us – genetically hybridised us – as a “slave species” to perform their toil, of raping the planet for them. But, worse, they also feed off our energies, in a spiritual vampire type of fashion. They create intense negativity, like war, division of people based on race, religion & gender, other forms of murder, and both physical and spiritual entrapment – debt is an example – and they “get off” on it. Their time is up, and as Joan states, they know it. They have been given the chance to gracefully step aside, but they rejected this offer, even though they know it’s over for them, they want to fight to the very end to creative as much havoc as possible.



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