Did you donate money to the 3/11 Japan disaster? You may want to know this.

image“`Though commercial whaling has been banned for decades`… Japan [continues to keep its] `19th-century dream alive` (Mahr 2011:para 3-1), Time journalist Krista Mahr, quotes Junichi Sato, Head of Greenpeace Japan, in observing that `“Pouring billions of yen into Antarctic whaling during this time of crisis is downright shameful,” [and that] “Japan cannot afford to waste money on whaling in the Antarctic when its people are suffering at home”` (Mahr 2011:para 3). The government gave, `$29 million of the national post-tsunami recovery fund … to the whaling industry, including to provide extra security for the whaling fleet,` despite the fact that, recent polls have shown that 95% of Japanese eat whale meat rarely, if at all` (Mahr 2011:para 2).”


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