What Do You want to Be Saying to Your Great Grand Daughter?


When you`re eighty-five years old, kicking back with your great-grand daughter on your lap, what do you want to be saying to Her? What do you want to be telling her about? Do you want to be saying: “well, the reason your papa can never spend any time with you is because he has to work 19 hours a day, six days per week just to keep his job; that he can`t ever afford to buy you a decent birthday present, let alone put you through college, because, when I was his age, we allowed the corporations to successfully lobby the governments that they own for an enterprise bargaining within the work-place that completely stripped employees of all their rights?” Do you want to be saying, “your papa has to pay three hundred dollars per month, from his meager salary, for electricity alone because we never stood up and demanded free energy, even though the technology was there?” Do you want to be saying, “your mama can`t spend any time with you either, because since the Rockefeller created Feminist Movement, women have HAD to work, also?”

Do you want to be saying, “you can`t ever inherit this house because, when I was your papa`s age, we continued to allow the Federal Reserve banking systems to run amok; crashing markets, devaluing currencies, creating imaginary inflation and charging whatever rates of interest they so chose?” Do you want to be saying, “you`ll only ever be able to get a job in the Private Security, the Military, or the Custodial Services industries because we allowed our country to be sold out, with free trade agreements, to foreign national corporations that are in fact owned by the very people that put our Presidents and Prime Ministers in office?” Do you want to be saying, “you will die well before your time because we allowed Big Pharma to completely control the FDA and as such “the psychotropic drugs that your school psychologist is prescribing you, will either see you in prison or dead?” Do you want to be saying that, “if the drugs don`t kill you, the food certainly will; with Aspartame and Bisphenol routinely put into your food, and farmers being forced to buy genetically modified seed stock from companies like Monsanto, you are promised a short, and very unhealthy life?”

Or, would you rather want to say, “ we did it? We had a choice when I was your papa`s age? It was an extremely long and hard battle, but we did it? We took our sovereignty, we removed the Federal Reserve banking cartels and took control of our own money, we`ve amended the tax systems, the people who now run the country are running it for the people not for the profits of a very small group of sadists? You can now own a home one day? We stood up and fought and fought to get fair rights as employees? We can even work part-time from home which means we can spend more time with you kids because we now have free energy in our houses and cars “we have removed the oil cabalists, we have stopped war, for good, we have time to share with our families, we can grow our own food and administer our health from centuries-old tried and proven natural techniques?” http://www.transformtofreedom.com


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