Education: for the Military/Industrialist Complex.


As soon as you turn education into a take-out burger joint, you’ve just destroyed the whole thing, full stop! Point, 1) you’ve just committed discrimination: If only the rich can attend school, how is this going to benefit your country? What about smart kids, or even a genius, who’s parents are “not” rich? How are you raising the stature of your country by denying one an “education” simply based on a delusional “FIAT” paper currency, that in no way represents true wealth – material or otherwise – because it is backed by nothing, anyway? Point, 2) you’ve just destroyed any “credibility” of even – and particularly – the most gifted educator, because the “customer is always right.” Point, 3) You’ve limited the areas of learning/knowledge to that dictated by the military-Industrialist complex/corporation because from that same complex is now the only means by which one will ever be able to “earn money” to participate in this society, let alone repay the very debt that was forced upon you – or your parents – in order that you serve them … for life! Point, 4) you’ve destroyed any possibility of critical thinking occurring because there can only be one “correct” answer to anything, and it is that which the military-Industrialist complex dictates and demands in order that everyone be doing – and thinking – the same thing, the same way. The military-industrialist complex cannot possibly gain and maintain control over entire populations without this.


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