The True Meaning of ISIS?

imageInteresting food for thought from Kurt Kallenbach in an interview with Peter Eugene: ISIS = is-is. It’s rather like saying “the truth is the truth, it can never be, nor has it ever been anything but”, or when Shakespeare stated, “to be, or not to be, for that ‘”is”‘ the question”. Well, the answer to that question could well be this: the Magicians have created ISIS in an attempt – once again – to create in our collective consciousness “the enemy”. The enemy they would “have us believe in”, because is-is = truth is truth; as such it “is” the enemy of the Fiction. The “Fiction” is the “corporate (from corpse) dead-identity” they created the day each of us was born. It’s called the Birth Certificate – which is, actually, a Death Certificate. As such the Magicians are attempting to lodge in our collective consciousness that “the truth is the enemy of the Fiction”. The Fiction that they created. Psychological Warfare, because they know that many people are, seemingly, figuring this out. The truth is that our physical body – which of course, houses our “true-self” (soul) – can be reclaimed. It can be brought back to life, in a similar way that a claim can be made on other property. So long as someone else is “controlling” one’s physical property – including, of course, one’s DNA – one will always be a slave. Food for thought, guys. Just food for thought. P.S. Some claim to have evidence that suggests Shakespeare never wrote anything, but that’s a story for another day.


Promissory Notes. No more debt-fear, for me, thank you.

This is absolutely essential information for everyone, whether currently in debted – to the banksters, or any government body/agency; who are, of course, just “fronts” for the banksters. I just wish I could state that it was I who did all the research, all the hard work on this. How many homeless people could still have their homes? How many suicide victims of debt-fear could have been prevented? Kudos to Michael Tellinger for sharing this detailed, life-saving information! Sincerely hope this helps people. we are getting closer, guys. We are getting closer. The control system is obsolete. We will