“Stolen” Children of the Empire. Have they received justice, yet?


‘For five years he was brutally raped, beaten and emotionally abused by 10 brothers at Bindoon boys home during the 1940s. Yet it was the after-effects of that abuse that he sees as being the most destructive’ (Moulton, E, 2014).
‘The former Deputy Mayor of Campbeltown Council, who received an OBE for his role following the Granville train disaster, told the Royal Commission into Institutional Responses into Child Sex Abuse he was so scarred by his experience at the remote Catholic boys home in WA that he was unable to form any real relationship in his later years’ (ibid).
What could drive a person to commit such horrific torture upon another human being; especially a child? Well, apparently many people choose to bury their heads in the sand, and simply refuse to believe that such Hocus Pocus, could possibly be true, especially when such “well respected members of High Society” are named, and by a child, of all outrages. `The Nottinghamshire case [of 1987] sums up the state of the argument in Britain over the question of ritual abuse, with believers (foster parents and social workers) and skeptics (the police and the press) frozen in hostile deadlock` (Boyd 1991:7). http://www.transformtofreedom.com/book-2-free-offer/

posted by Elliot Sabino, April 17th, 2016.