No-Fault Vaccine Injury Legislation?

With some vaccine “experts” admitting that one in 2.5 million experience serious, life-long health problems. Jacob McCarthy is one of them ( ‘Usually fault is difficult, or impossible, to prove, even though it may be very likely that the vaccine was the cause of the problem. And without a definitive proof of fault, there is no compensation’. ‘A no-fault compensation scheme could easily solve this problem’ ( But, wouldn’t “proof” still have to be established that it was the vaccine that caused the infection/reaction/damage? Otherwise, Big Pharma’ and the Governments they own are still going to slip out from under any responsibility to the victim? What about a better solution … Forget “herd-immunisation” and herd-mentality, generally, and do some serious, prolonged, health research on those who never received vaccinations. You may be interested in reading up on where the polio vaccine originally came from, and some other related information, as it accords to several sources:


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