Trump, Clinton, Presidents! Let`s See How Much They Really Want the Job?


Would anyone seriously vote for “either” of these clowns, if they had a serious alternative?Well, here`s “my vote”: In our opinion, the very first thing to do, is to remove “campaign contributors”. If the huge corporations are those paying for your “advertising campaign”, to whom are you going to be indebted? To whom are you going to be beholden? Who are you going to be serving as “President”? Remove this “charade”, at once! Perhaps, a great place to start would be by banning any forms of advertising of any Presidential candidate. Presidential candidates are to be nominated by “the people”, not by corporate interests, and based on what they themselves “have actually achieved” during life with a particular focus on humanitarian endeavors. Of most importance, to ensure the Oval Office – and its pathetic counterparts the world over – are occupied by people that are actually there to “serve the people of the world”, no more than U.S. $24 thousand is to be paid into any presidential bank account, in any given year. They are to have only one bank account in the country they are representing; they are not to have “hidden bank accounts” in tax-haven friendly countries; they are not to hold stocks, shares, investment portfolios, etc, and every single aspect of their lives is to be completely transparent. Let’s see how many Clintons & Trumps of the world really want the job, now!

Posted by Elliot Sabino, October 14th, 2016


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