Vaccines, Will They Destroy the Human Race?


How many Ph.D’s, M.d’s, and scientists – employed in some of the top institutions – need to make statements about the catastrophe that is awaiting the global population if serious, unbiased, studies are not undertaken regards “all” vaccines. Big Pharma’ are getting away with NOT conducting clinical trials of vaccines because they have coerced Congress NOT to categorise vaccines as a pharmaceutical drug. Upon reading the report from whistle-blower Dr. William Thompson, two pro-vaccine doctors “immediately” changed their minds in this documentary, one stating, “we’ve been lied to”.

In one week 45,000 people subscribed to the magazine Autism File when Polly Tommey’s story was given national coverage. 45,000 (plus) parents in the U.K. alone “all” describing the same symptoms in their child immediately after receiving the MMR vaccine. ‘Medicine is about pattern recognition, and there was a clear pattern emerging’ (Dr. Andrew Wakefield).

Just in the United Sates, alone: Autism statistics were, 20 years ago, 1 in 10,000. Today they`re 1 in 50. ‘I knew nothing about Autism. When I was at medical school it was so rare, we weren’t taught about it’ (Dr. Andrew Wakefield). The CDC cannot accept funding directly from the pharmaceutical companies, but they can – and do – set-up charities which can receive contributions.

The CDC being responsible for investigating and submitting findings of “studies”, is rather like when the orchestrators of 911 nominated themselves as its investigating body. Here is the documentary that “everyone” on this planet should see: and here is some information that is related but, survivors of vaccine related (debilitating) injuries are not only the child/come adult, but the immediate family, and the people of our entire planet. If this continues, all of our time, energy, and resources will be spent caring for our loved ones; now enraged, socially dysfunctional adults.


Elliot Sabino October 21st, 2016


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