Halloween: Druidic, Satanic, Ritual Human Sacrifice.


The origins of it are Druidic, satanic ritual human sacrifice, and in the most heinous, torturous manner. The scary costumes were to scare away the worst of the demons that were being manifested – at this time of year – when the fabric between dimensions is thinnest. In that sense, I guess some could argue that kids wearing these costumes aren’t so bad, but …I, also feel it’s very important that people know about the “true origins” of Samhain (Halloween). I guess the reasons so many don’t know about the true origins of It is indicative of everything in societies the world over, today:
History has been rewritten.
Disinformation; the successful dumbing-down of entire populations, first with Rockefeller’s “Compulsory Education Systems”, and fluoride in the water supplies; now with vaccines and GMO food.
Distraction; the latest celebrity scandal, sport, the latest techno’ “gadget”.
The worst of all of it, however – as evidenced from some highly credible sources – is that a huge game of “Magick”, the vamping of human “energies” is being played on all of us, and for incredibly nefarious purposes.
If that doesn’t cheer you up, I guess nothing will … Regards Elliot Sabino October 31st, 2016



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