Colloidal Silver: What Are Big Pharma` So Afraid of?

cs-meme-01The FDA’s Colloidal Silver Hit List.

We were essentially”forced” to place the words “Water Disinfectant” on our silver products as the FDA, the AMA, the TGA and all the rest of them are counting on that noun phrase to dissuade those who, as yet, know nothing about the powerful, antibacterial, anti-microbial, immune-system-boosting, healing properties of silver. Already “banned” in Europe, we have it on good authority – it doesn’t take much research – that the FDA have a “to be assassinated” list of every major colloidal silver vendor, on the planet. Due to the number of scientific publications, articles, and simple bloggers relaying information about successes they’ve had with this millenia-old natural healing metal – when in a highly pure form – the FDA has (most recently) adopted an ecological/environmental premise in yet another attempt to debunk colloidal silver. We are also “forbidden” to make claims about any “health benefits” – despite research from internationally credible scientists, a small portion of which can be found here. The reasons for this are simple: who has U.S. $10 million to pay for an FDA placebo-type “scientific study”, and how would you know the study would, in fact, be objective – or even conducted – for that matter? Is it not an absolute disgrace that the FDA would not waive the “scientific study cost” to actually conduct unbiased, objective research into this natural product that could potentially save lives? And, what are the reasons they, apparently, “will never” do this?
Posted by Elliot Sabino November 25th, 2016

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