The Wonders of the World? We`ve Been Lied to People.


Think this is impossible? Have you ever seen a Badger 288 Rotary Excavator? The other thing you may be thinking is the noun, “rock”! Well, there’s evidence to suggest there was no “rock” on Earth up until circa 5,500 b.c. Think the movie Avatar, to get a mental image of what Earth used to be.

Russian – apparent, humanitarian and scientist going only by his YouTube name of DITRH makes a very interesting case that our planet has been quarried to the point where 90% of it – desert – is the remnants of millions of year-old mining and removal of, at least, the top 100 meter layer of it. That which we’ve cited in our work – – from Sitchen’s expose of the Ancient Sumerian Records would most certainly agree with this. How foolish did I feel – as an environmentalist, “save the planet”, I would cry – when first I realised that the premise – if not proof – from DITRH is at very least, credible! The lies have been – and remain – convoluted and comprehensive. Yet, the truth is in plain sight, as per the game they, apparently, love to play.

Posted by Elliot Sabino December 1st, 2016.

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