Global Strike: Stop Work to Remove the Elites, Day?

refuses-taxes-memeI`d like to chime in here with rhetoric, that’s not really meant to be! I say that because after having written my books, and having met so many – here, online – many of whom are pretty bloody “awake”; who have recognised the “scam” and the most likely culprits: even if we don’t yet know – for certain – the real players behind the curtain; many whom are, like I, “fed up” with it; whom have “some ideas” at least as to where to start … My question is “what” …. No “how” do we do this? BTW, it’s the “same” in every country that I’ve seen, so far. If history has taught us anything – Stop SOPA – being one great example of recent history; the Dakota Pipeline that’s happening now, being another – it’s not until “a majority” get together and “demand their rights”; demand change. This cannot happen of course until a majority have awoken. And I guess that’s what we’re doing, here; why we keep posting, and trying to connect online. It`s such an insane irony that we’re using a platform owned/controlled by our “massers” to expose them. Anyway, I’ll let you know if/when I come up with anything, because other than returning to one’s country of birth, and doing the full-on “walk off their Monopoly board” sovereign citizen thing, I can’t see too many improvements in “my lot” anytime soon, because people are still putting up with it: sure they bitch, and piss and moan, but until we come together, I mean “really come together” – one example might be to organise 5000,000 people to walk into the “Commonwealth” – love that name for a – bank, by the way, Monday morning and close their accounts. Their accounts with no money in them? No, okay … to refuse to pay your electricity, your phone, your internet bills; to drive your car to the dump and leave it there. Better, yet if we organise many more than 5 million to simply not go to work, Monday the 12th …. Then, and only then, would the self-appointed elites, have to come to the negotiating table. From there we demand, free energy, right across the globe; End the Fed, no more interest rates, no taxes, and pay for work and services in accordance with what politicians allocate themselves, to name only a few. But, the road will not be easy, in the beginning, and how does one convince those with kids to feed – and no garden, nor a yard to grow one in, to do this; to take this risk? But this is what I believe we must do. It is indeed a dilly of a pickle we have allowed them to walk us into!


Posted by Elliot Sabino January 6th, 2017.


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