What is the Value of Money?

value-of-moneyIt is a piece of paper that’s worth nothing, or something, dependent upon whatever mass psychological game of manipulation the monied criminals of the world decide to play on any given day – “PLUS interest”! Notice how the words ‘This Note Is Legal Tender’ For All Debts, Public And Private’ is stamped on it? This means that it was issued by the Federal Reserve Banking (Cartel) after 1933. Before 1933, it was redeemable in gold. Currency backed by gold was removed in 1933, and the people living under the United States (corporation) were forced – at the threat of 10 years imprisonment – to hand over all/any gold bullion in their possession, for you see the “Cartel” had already removed the smaller – independent – banks; had stolen most of the country’s land, and bankrupted the government with the Great Depression that was started, again, via mass psychological manipulation – firstly on a rumor by J.P. Morgan, and slightly later by Broker Call Loans. Additionally, Federal Taxes – that comprise 25% of your taxes – have never been ratified by most States of the United Sates (Corporation). The Cartel (Fed) is the Model Template now followed by every country on the planet, in the true sense of Centralized money control that the people under the Corporation fought a war over in 1779 – the Cartel creates worthless paper, lends it to the government they’ve installed in that country, at compound interest, that is to be repaid by YOU in taxes. If this isn`t slavery, tell me what is!  

Posted by Elliot Sabino January 8th, 2017



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