Music Should be Played at 444 Hz.

Several years ago, I began noticing others whom have also commented on this: Pre-WWII the standard frequency for musical instruments to be tuned at, was 444hz. It was the Rockefeller family – again, knowing so many of the esoteric secrets, and knowledge that the Sheeple were never meant to know – decided to create the system of A = 440 Hz. This is because they knew that 444 Hz was so much closer to the resonance of the human frequency, in the most general terms. Divide, conquer, control of human consciousness being an all important elelement for the Rockefeller’s service to those who are the “still” the Rulers of Planet Earth, and their hybridized – downgraded – Slave Species.

Posted by Elliot Sabino, March 26, 2017 image


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